Your Smart Web App Development Budget for 2021

When you decide to take on a project, one of the primary goals is to bring it in without exceeding the budget. That’s why budget estimation is an essential factor in project planning. Similarly, when we talk about web application development, figuring out the cost ensures that all requirements of the project are covered within an assigned budget. This way, you can save a fair amount from the development process and utilise it for your application’s marketing and branding strategies. 

In other approaches as well, when you take services from any web application development company, you hand over a dedicated budget within which the development process takes place. In any way, you are bound to make a rough estimation of all the expenses that will transpire during web app development. So, If you are willing to develop web applications for your next project but are worried about your expenses, this is just the article for you. 

In this article, we will discuss certain parameters on which you can estimate your app development budget. So let us start by talking about the factors that impact the development cost.

Evaluating cost by the Project Development factors

Following are the significant factors that can affect your web development cost :

  • Project Scope

This includes the set of functionalities that your application requires or the amount of work needed to develop them. This is the principal factor that might need implementations from time to time. 

  • UI/UX design

If you are looking for a full-fledged customised design, be ready to fork out a pretty penny. In other cases, you can opt for inexpensive methods like choosing pre-built templates and themes.  

  • Deadlines 

If you have limited time for your project development, that always means higher cost. A rush job will ask for dedicated and effective resources that might lead to several risks as well. 

  • Web Application development company 

The location and services of your development company may also affect the budget. Usually, high profile web development companies expect higher pay. 

  • Non-functional requirements

This includes your system’s capacity or a number of requests that can be handled per unit time. For effective results, high load systems may require more money.

Evaluating Cost by Nature of the Apps 

Apart from these factors, your development cost will also rely on the nature of your application. Here are a few basic examples to give you a brief understanding of the same.

  • Simple (Basic) web applications

These application projects generally involve very basic functionalities, interactive elements, minimal content, simple search and plain yet attractive UI/UX designs. In this category, you will find,

  1. Small online catalogues
  2. Simple web apps containing pre-defined templates and layouts
  3. Calculator pages
  4. Additional widgets or features employed in the existing app
  • Professional (mid-complexed) web applications

These applications are comparatively more interactive due to sufficient content, media and functionalities loaded. In this category, you will find apps like

  1. Marketplace based web apps 
  2. E-commerce store apps
  3. Additional modules or elements for existing web apps
  • Complex Web applications 

These applications contain advanced features such as real-time synchronisation, audio and video processing, custom animations, integration with third-party services, complex backend etc. Such applications are usually created to automate processes in an enterprise with 200 or fewer employees. 

Complex applications also require more than 5-12 months to be developed and a number of experienced web and Q/A engineers in the development team. File management apps and product specified apps fall under this category.

  • Enterprise web applications 

These applications are built for established companies, They are customised, component-based, and mission-critical apps with unique UI/UX designs and are developed under established enterprise architecture. 

In this category, you will see

  1. Payment processing apps
  2. Automated billing system apps
  3. Email marketing systems
  4. Customer support applications
  • Innovative web applications 

These apps are generally limited as they are specifically for large corporations or innovative startups that require large cash flow. It is very challenging to build such an application that has infinite complexities, lack of similar experience and needs integration and extensive distribution. 

Evaluating cost on the Company rates

Enterprises often worry about why the web application development cost varies from one company to another. Every company has its own method of doing research, creating a model and defining functionalities. If you decide to take services from a web application development company, you would need to do quick research based on three key factors. 

  • Company’s geographical location

The physical location of the company or the developer determines their working etiquette and how much they are paid. Companies located in the region where the cost of living is above average might require a higher price than the average ones. 

  • Company’s market experience 

Highly skilled web app development companies or specialists are always in demand. They might obviously charge more due to a certain experience in the industry. They will always do thorough research on your target audience and will strategise how to appeal to them. 

  • Company’s size, reputation and achievements 

If you have an innovative and unique project in mind, you will need to hire a web development company that has a proven track record and an established reputation. They will offer you valuable guidelines and mastered experience. 

Final Thoughts 

Developing an application is not an easy job, especially when you are new in the web development industry. Estimating your budget on the basis of the parameters mentioned above might help you control other expenses that you are worried about. If you want to get a precise estimation, your next step should be contacting the web application development company directly. You might get a clear picture of the project requirements and your target market that way. We hope this article helps you find your budget.





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