Worried about leaving your child for the first time – here are some tips to help you prepare!

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The first time you leave your child might be a difficult event, but the fact is that after you leave, they are immediately involved in activities and tend to forget about you! Of course, this is the goal, and our Sitters Child Care Service childcare professionals know just how to connect with your kid to divert them from their early concerns.

Our trained childcare professionals are great at rapidly putting children at ease once they come, but there are certain actions you can take as a parent to assist your children in preparing for this new routine.

For little children, the thought of a new arrival might elicit mixed emotions. Some kids may be delighted to show this new person their toys and gymnastics talents, while others will be scared. They may have a lot of questions racing through their thoughts, and as a parent, you will know what to do to reassure your child before your child care and baby care expert comes.

How you reassure your child is a highly personal decision since, as we all know, every child reacts differently. Some children may want to know every detail about what will happen when they arrive, while others may be so at ease with strangers that they take it all in stride.

If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms of anxiety:

  • Assure them that you will be returning soon and that their childcare specialist has your phone number and may contact you if necessary. It is also important to emphasize that, while you are reachable, you are busy and should not make requests for the childcare professional to contact you.
  • Discussing the days/rules evenings with older children is essential. We all know that kids want to avoid sleep at all costs and will make any reason to delay the process! While our child care and development professionals are equipped to handle these circumstances, it will help them even more if this rule is stated before they come.

Whilst our child care provider has the ability to put your little one at ease, it can be a good idea to attempt to make this interesting for the kid and urge them to think about what type of things they would want to undertake with our carer – “their new friend”. As part of the booking process, we provide a few crucial questions that will help our childcare experts prepare for their time with your kid.

  • Is there a favorite toy?
  • What is their favorite cuisine?
  • Is it permissible for them to watch TV, and if so, may the child pick a favorite movie to watch with them?

Making this a good and engaging experience will benefit both you and the youngster.

We understand that leaving your kid for the first time may be frightening and that youngsters often wonder why this person is coming, who they are, and where mummy/daddy are going without them!

We provide our childcare expert’s profile, which includes their name and photo. We can also set up an interview and meet your child’s new pal ahead of time.


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