Why You Should Have a Portrait of Your Pet

What better way to show your love for your furry friend than with a portrait of them on your wall! Here are more reasons why you should have a portrait of your pet in your home.

Were you aware of using their four-legged companions to music for their work by popular musicians such as Pablo Picasso, Andie Warhol, and Charles M. Schulz? Pet pictures have existed after men have learned to draw in the cellars to mark our connection and affection for those creatures. It is not shocking that today’s pet owners will pay anyone happy to make an art piece for their precious pets.

1. As a keepsake

The reason you have drawn a portrait of your pet is clearly to commemorate and honor your animal. You want your pets to be recognized, particularly if they’re no longer with you since they still have a special role in your life.

The canvas portrait painting denoted the renown and the afterlife of the old days as a leading artist of history. The wealthy and elderly people commissioned themselves to paint their essence, often with their pets, long after they had been dead.

Therefore, amid digital imaging and selfie, it makes sense for pet owners today to continue to stay with this media. In reality, custom oil paintings from photo tends to be lucrative for painters specializing in animal portraits because of the belief that digital images last longer.

2. Capture your pet’s personality

However, pets cannot sit that long for canvas portrait work, so the photographers work with pet portraits to catch their features in their natural habitat. Depending on the artist you employ, custom oil paintings from photos of your pets will be even more casual, humorous, and contemporary. The artist often incorporates elements depending on how they view the pet. This aspect increases the appeal of oil paintings of photos from pet owners.

The artist took time to draw the illustration and use his brushstrokes for pet portraits. And while digital images can be edited to appear like a painting, the artist’s method is what people pay commission their work and the precision that goes into a handmade canvas portrait.

3. Interesting talking point

Scholars researched some of the world’s famous paintings because of the popular interest created in these works of art; they also gathered insights into the artist’s personality and psychology, and the subject. One of the famous paintings on pets mentioned and discussed was the “Dogs Playing Poker” sequence by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Many middle-class families in America showed Coolidge’s art in their homes in the sixties and seventies because the photographs were tellable, and people liked to talk about them.

The canvas portrait painting of your pet might not be of the same degree of interest as the work of Coolidge, but the oil paintings of photos of your pet will attract a lot of interest and attention from family and friends. Imagine that your visitors enter your house, marveling at the image of your pet. Who doesn’t like to talk about artistic practice, particularly when your pooch is the point of inspiration?

4. Share a story

Canvas portraits don’t just show an image but they also share a story. You should predict a huge story from his job on the oil paintings of photos of your pet if you hire a good artist. A good artist will expand his themes beyond reality. Taking some pictures of your pet, you can allow the artist to further explain your pet’s nature, such as photos of his favorite toys or in his favorite pet’s cake. All of this strengthens the subject of the portrait of your pet. This is why custom oil paintings from photos of your pets are the best.

The artist’s viewpoint involves the quest for the proper styles, texture, perspectives, composition, and color for pet portraits of tales. Therefore the location of the portrait is an important aspect of the artist’s artistic process. The objects may either be separated or incorporated into the context.

Understand that in time artists can create a masterpiece. If you ask an artist to paint your pet’s portrait, then take a moment to finish, and you will have more cost than just taking a digital picture! 

5. Support a cause

You could like your pet’s portrait painting to benefit a cause if you are a socio-activist against animal cruelty and loves animals in the shelter. Animal rescue organizations worldwide collaborate with skilled artists and photographers to create beautiful custom oil paintings from photos of animals up for adoption that have helped pets find the right home. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to get a few artists together and raise awareness for animals. 

Although you’re not going to host a fundraiser, you can also help improve the public’s view of sheltering animals with your pet’s photos. When you bring this on show at the office, for example, you open up the chance to speak to your friends about your mission and share your pet’s rescue story to inspire others.

Our pets are a part of our family and just like how we have portraits of our families on our wall wouldn’t we want to have our beloved furry friends in a canvas portrait with us? Let the world know how much you value your fur babies with a custom oil painting from a photo with the help of Snappy Canvas!

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