Why to choose 3D for your next virtual event

Why to choose 3D for your next virtual event


The pandemic has taken the world by storm but with the new emerging technologies and high-end solutions the adaptation to the new normal became less gut-wrenching. Today, more and more businesses are marking their existence in the digital world by eliminating the challenges and increasing their reach globally. 


With the rising technology, the demand for 3D elements have also taken place. Many tech-savvy companies are coming up with exhilarating ideas for the event industry in order to give organisers endless opportunities. With the choices being limitless, organisers have pushed past the old traditional 2D platforms and are now taking advantage of 3D platforms in a visually rich space. 


To dive deeper into the credentials of why to choose 3D for your future virtual events there are a few reasons that may help you make the right decision for a better event engagement experience! Let us now have a quick comparison between 3D and 2D platforms to give you a thorough understanding of both platforms! Time to get started! 


Advantages :


Some of the advantages of 2D platforms are:


– A 2D platform is conducted over a web-based solution which means there is no need to download any application in order to attend meetings. Attendees can simply join the program on their local browser seamlessly. 


– It is less time consuming and can be handled effectively. 


– Live video chat can be easily integrated into the platform with the vast range of 2D solutions that enables attendees to interact with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and other participants effectively. 


Some advantages of 3D platforms are: 

While 2D platforms may be easy to use, 3D virtual event platforms provide better possibilities to magnify user experience more efficiently in a dynamic environment. 


Immersive communication- 3 dynamential platforms offer more convenient and interactive tools that amplify the look and feel of ambience. The platform has unique avatars walking through the event venue that seamlessly excite audiences and gives them a space to explore more which means you draw better engagement at your event. 


Apart from that, it also gives visible real-time reaction tools that integrate emoticons that enables audiences to share their feelings via clap, hoot, and heart inclusion. 


Gamification integration- Another important aspect of using 3D platforms is it really entices your audiences. As gamification plays a major role in keeping attendees engaged throughout the event, having a 3D virtual event solution can uplift the overall performance of your event. 


Customised avatars– With this exuberant feature attendees can effortlessly create their own personalised avatar to upscale a more natural and traditional feel and initiate better interaction. 


Now that we know that a Virtual 3D platform has better engagement and interaction possibilities it’s now time to know why opting for this interactive 3D immersive virtual event is the key to a successful future. 


Why opting for this interactive 3D immersive virtual event is the key to a successful future. 


An immersive 3D virtual event offers unique tactics for better interaction and gives your virtual event a dynamic look which appeals more audiences to your event. In addition to this, it provides better opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors as well. Following are some reasons why you must utilise a 3D virtual event platform in your next virtual event. 


  1. User-friendly Experience

While some experts say, traditional events create a more passive experience where attendees attentively participate in the physical activities. It is more convincing to believe that an immersive 3D virtual event enables attendees to explore the event platform even more seamlessly and as per their interests. As the entire platform is designed in 3D it allows a real-world experience to attendees, they can choose where and when to go during the event. In case any attendee is unable to attend any session, the platform offers a recording device. This can record all the event experience which attendees can watch later the live event is concluded. While communication may become limited due to live event schedules, attendees can still leverage the experience and content of the platform and bring value to a wider part of the audience to attend the missed parts of the event. 


  1. Make a Lasting Impression

Just like any traditional event, planning, execution and putting creative thoughts into action in order to appeal to more audiences is equally important when you transition your event online. Having an immersive 3D experience can really pay off your event ROI and make a lasting impression on your audience. 


Moreover, keep in mind while planning your virtual event is to provide a brainstorming 3D ambience and activities that can be far more memorable than physical events. 

Many planners today are leveraging the tools offered by a virtual event platform in order to embrace it’s audience with a 3D look. Now while your designers and creative team sketch out your event, make sure they keep your prospect’s interests in mind. This will help you in creating a platform into something less boring and more engaging while also your audiences will have an unforgettable experience. 


  1. Encounter Immersive Networking and Engagement 

Networking is one of the most key reasons why people attend any event. Though it may be a traditional event or a virtual event, if your event does not provide networking and engagement tacticalities, people might not even consider attending your event. 


While on-ground events had limited networking opportunities, online platforms give features that enhance the level of interactivity. You can effortlessly integrate as many chat rooms as per interests, have 1:1 or group discussions with sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and other participants, leverage live video, audio, or text in a 3D product demos, and much more. 


To make it more engaging attendees can take advantage of the various interactive tools to communicate with like-minded people. They can seamlessly  schedule a meeting in a networking lounge, or engage themselves in a breakout room, attend keynote speeches or even get in touch with interested speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors. 


  1. Collect valuable inputs on prospects

While physical events also give liberty to its attendees to explore countless locations, check out various activities and touchpoints and much more. Despite all of this, you are not able to curate what your prospects are actually interested in. 


Well, virtual events eliminate all such worries and work in a completely different format. Due to advanced technology, organisers can easily gather insightful data of their attendees within a fraction of time. You can gather this data even before the event is conducted by organising a pre-event poll wherein you can ask attendees a set of MCQs in order to know their interests effectively. This can give an incredible look and value to your event and provide a worthwhile experience of all time. 


Over to you

Living in the new virtual era has without a doubt made our life easier and convenient. When you invest in a professionally planned and augmented virtual event, you can utilise and tweak it accordingly to offer several events, propagating your expenses. Your efforts up front will demonstrate that you care about your guests’ experiences and believe in the worth of your product and service. 


If what you’re preparing seems like it would be a good fit for an immersive 3D virtual event, choose a platform that can assist you with seamless 3D tools and tactics in terms of delivering a massive event experience. To learn more about how to design and create a successful event in the new virtual environment, contact one of our specialists.






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