Why Study In Estonia?

Estonia, a country of northern Europe, has Latvia, Russia, and the Baltic sea as its borders. Most parts of the country are brimming with natural beauty as it is full of woodland and forests. Moreover, there are plenty of rivers and lakes all over. The environment here is sober with warmth in the summer and cold during the winter. Culturally enriched ambiance and sporting community make Estonia a great living place. However, Estonia has been recognized as the leading e-government globally. It also holds a top rank in the human development index. As per the latest statistics of a study abroad consultant, Estonia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe.

Here are some discussions regarding why students should opt out of Estonia as their perfect study destination. For further details, you can always take suggestions from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK.

Estonia As Study Destination

Estonia holds a reputation not only due to its beautiful landscapes but also for its world-class academic structure. Moreover, it provides a great deal of facilities to the international students. From more than 65 countries, students come to study in the internationally acclaimed universities in Estonia. Moreover, Tallinn, the country’s capital city, occupies a place in the top seven intelligent communities in the world. This is as per the website census.

Additionally, Estonia is known as the most wired countries in the world. Plenty of the places of the country provide free internet service to its people. The key attractions of this country are e-government, e-identifications, the system of online voting, etc. However, as a study abroad consultant Guwahati confirms, English is a widely used language.

Opportunities For Higher Education

All Estonian universities offer the academic structure of the usual basis. The structure contains both the under-graduate and post-graduate programs. The bachelor’s degree is of three years. Furthermore, the master’s programs take two years of study as usual. However, there are plenty of disciplines students can avail themselves here, such as —–

• Veterinary

• Medicine

• Dentistry

• Pharmacy

• Civil engineering

• Architecture

As the best UK education consultants in Delhi suggests, all the technical courses take nearly 5-6 years of study. However, medical studies need more or less 3-5 years to complete the whole program. Notably, In Estonia, European Credit Transfer System or ECTS is used.

The academic year maintained here may seem a little different. Usually, the Estonian academic calendar contains forty weeks of active study. But, as the best UK consultants in Delhi ensures, the courses start in September every year. Up to the first week of February, the autumn semester continues. Then followed by a short recess, the spring session begins, which runs through the Last week of June.

However, Estonia also holds a good reputation when it comes to the world Employment Index. This is because they mainly specialize in the business of Information Technology. So, naturally, there are myriad job opportunities for domestic and international students after completing post-graduate programs. However, if you are not an Estonian citizen, you need to avail a work permit. Initially, the Estonian government permits a work permit for two years but afterward, you can extend the tenure up to five years.

Top Universities in Estonia

All Estonian universities are well known and internationally recognized as the perfect study destination. As per the suggestion of the study abroad consultants in Delhi, the top three ranked universities in Estonia are —-

University of Tartu: This institution is one of Estonia’s most significant and prestigious research universities. It comes in the top 1.2% of the worldwide best universities. In every major city of the country, you can get the departments of this university.

Tallinn University: It is the third-largest university in the country and one of the best in social science and humanities. According to the statistics, around 9.5% of the total international students study in this university.

Tallinn university of technology: The sign of this renowned university is TalTech. In the world market, it stands for the pioneer in engineering and digital technologies. It also encourages the perfect equilibrium amongst natural, social, technical, and health sciences.

The Epilogue

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