Why Silk Sleep Mask is a Must-Have

October 9, 2021

Introducing silk sleep mask

Do you have trouble sleeping? Whether you are distracted or in need of total darkness, find comfort and try silk sleep masks. Silk sleep masks are masks designed to cover the eyes for a relaxing sleep. This face mask silk consists of high-grade 6A mulberry slip silk sleep mask fabric that is ultra-soft and lightweight. 

This silk-made product gives you a good night’s sleep and is skin-friendly. Unlike other masks made of polyester, silk sleep masks are silky and soft on the areas around your eyes. 

Currently, mulberry silk is the finest silk available. This material is valuable, as it is from special silkworms domesticated in a controlled environment. 

How silk sleep mask helps you sleep

Sleeping problems may occur due to many factors. One thing is for sure, all that you need to do is to close your eyes try not to worry about the light, visual distractions, and sometimes even your thoughts. 

World Health Organization stated that we need at least 6 hours, preferably 8, of sleep to be healthy. But sleeping is something everyone needs to take seriously. Lack of quality sleep is not just a hassle. It leads to several health conditions. 

People tried numerous ways to sleep well at night. Some use music, get massages, and some take medications. But what’s a great alternative to these? A slip silk sleep mask. Sleep masks can help reduce distractions while sleeping. In addition to this, sleep masks are also a part of hygiene. Indeed, the best silk sleep mask.

Does it affect your skin?

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People would question a mask’s content and its possible effects on the user. But good news, silk sleep masks are perfectly fine! 

100% protein-based silk, silk sleep masks are hypoallergenic. These masks have properties that repel dust and molds. Because of this, people with allergies and skin problems use sleep mask silk.

Not to be confused with cotton that can make your skin dry, silk fibers contain a protein known as sericin. Spas often use sericin as a quality skin treatment and moisturizer. That will keep your skin hydrated for glowing and younger-looking skin. 

Other benefits of using silk sleep masks

Silk sleep masks can help with sleeping and skincare, but there are many things that they can still offer. There is a reason why this simple product is known as accessible luxury. 

Here are additional reasons why using the best silk sleep mask is a great idea:

Luxurious yet accessible

This mask, made from 100% pure Grade 6A mulberry silk is affordable. You can easily buy quality sleep masks at affordable prices. All it takes is a small price to get quality sleep. 

It is relaxing

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Ever had a good sleep as if someone’s hugging you? Silk sleep masks give you a comforting feeling that restores your sleep cycle and helps you achieve deep sleep.


Unlike enhanced cotton and plastics, silk sleep masks are organic and eco-friendly. Safe for you, your family, and the environment. 


Silk is known for its durability. Unlike other organic materials that are vulnerable to damage, silk sleep masks are heavy-duty, washable, and reusable.  


Silk is hydrophobic. No, it’s not the typical hydrophobe that fears water. Silk sleep masks can repel water. This characteristic is valuable because it makes the product cleaner, as some microorganisms like bacteria can enter water molecules and be infective agents that cause diseases. 

Easy to use

Wearing a mask is easy. There isn’t a proper and necessary mechanic to wear any silk sleep mask, but it is best when serving whatever purpose the user wants. 

How to take care of the mask

No matter how durable a product is, it will not last if not used wisely. So here are tips to keep your silk sleep masks in shape. 

Wash gently

Reckless washing will ruin the mask. Try to wash the sleep mask gently because, unlike cotton, it has natural water-repelling properties. It will not absorb as much water as other cotton-based products. 

Use non-scented detergent

Applies to silk and cotton-based products, you should not use scented soap or detergent as it affects the mask’s performance. Some people are sensitive to a strong odor. 

Store the mask

Slip® Silk Travel Set | Pottery Barn | Travel set, Jewelry packaging, Silk eye  mask

When not in use, keep the sleeping mask stored in a clean place. That will keep it from being exposed to dirt, mold, or even bacteria. 

You don’t have to worry about sleepless nights anymore. The silk sleep mask is an affordable luxury that offers many benefits. It can help with sleeping and skincare. Silk sleep mask contains sericin, a special protein that helps moisturize and take care of the skin and has the properties to repel water. 

This product is durable, reusable, organic, convenient to use, and of course, cheap. Overall, using the silk sleep mask is one of the best ways to spend a whole night with comfort and luxury.

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