Why Jewelry Appraisals Are Necessary and Ways to Find Real appraisal

The joy of owning a piece of jewelry is so great. All you want is to flaunt your precious piece. But have you thought of the value of your jewelry? Why would you seek the cost when you have all the receipts? The question of jewelry appraisal arises in certain situations. For instance, you want to take insurance to cover your jewelry. Or you want to resell your piece or pay taxes. 

There are several types of appraisals. Each type serves a different purpose. But, insurance appraisals usually have exaggerated figures. Thus, when you want an appraisal, you should understand its purpose. You cannot use the insurance purpose for a resell. 

Why are Jewelry Appraisals Necessary?

Insurance is the most significant reason why people seek jewelry appraisal. It would help if you knew that the value of a metal and a gemstone fluctuates with time. Thus, it would be helpful if you got your pieces regularly appraised- preferably yearly. The correct appraisal ensures that your jewelry is insured for the valid replacement value at that time. 

You will get a jewelry appraisal from your jeweler. But it is wise to seek a second opinion from an expert. It gives you the real market value of your metal and gemstone. The second opinion helps you pay insurance for the total value of your piece. As you know, the designer may inflate the value for their benefit.

The homeowner’s insurance does not meet the waste or loss of jewelry at home. Thus, to ensure that your precious pieces are covered, you should have an appraisal. It reflects the real value of the lost or damaged items. Many homeowner insurances only cover jewelry with an amount of less than $6000. Now you can see the loss you may run into should you lose a piece with a value greater than that figure. As a wise person, have your jewelry scheduled separately. 

Ways to getting Jewelry Appraisal

There are several ways to get an appraisal on a piece of jewelry. First, you can self appraise the jewelry. When you do the appraisal, the purpose is to know if the stone and the metal are real. In this method, you may not get the dollar value. But, it gives you a rough estimate should you think of reselling your piece. 

Also, you can get a local jeweler to appraise your jewelry. In this method, you will get a dollar value based on your locality. This method is better than self-appraisal since you get a dollar value. Also, you can use details for insurance purposes.

The third method is the most accurate- taking your jewelry to a lab. In this method, you get a detailed report of your jewelry piece. The lab report gives you all the details of the real composition of the metal and the gemstone. In all cases, genuine gemstones have varied features. These features provide the gemstone different dollar values. Thus, it is the best method to get a jewelry appraisal.

How to Understand a Gemstone

The color of the gemstone gives it a different dollar value. If the color is deep or rare, then your gem has a higher value. 

Also, large gemstones are expensive compared to smaller ones. You will hear jewelers grading them with carats. Also, the clarity and the quality of the cut add value to the gemstone.


A jewelry appraisal is as essential as a jewelry certificate. It ensures you know the real dollar value of your pieces. You can liquidate your assets without incurring losses. 

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