Which Treatment is Better for Double Chin: Kybella vs Coolsculpting



Due to the rise of social media these days, people see the different sides of themselves. It is due to social media only that everyone aims at looking beautiful and slim, no matter what. People have such a mentality that slim people are more attractive than others, and to some extent, this is coming out to be true also. Every one or the other person is bothered by the excess fat under their chin and other areas. Fortunately, it is not the old times when people do diet and exercise and still do not get desired results. These days, there are various options to fix the excess fat, be it a double chin or lower abdomen. Some of the popular choices of people include liposuction, kybella, and coolsculpting. If we compare all three, then people are quite happy with the results of kybella and coolsculpting, especially on their double chins. The tricky thing that is troubling people is which to opt out of the two. There is so much confusion prevailing in the minds of people. Let us know which treatment will be fruitful for the double chin between coolsculpting vs kybella and how to get rid of double chin


Differences between kybella and coolsculpting 

The working 


As far as kybella is concerned, the main product present in the kybella is deoxycholic acid which is beneficial in breaking down the dietary fat. So if you are getting your double chin treated by kybella, then the surgeon will inject the injection onto there, finally eliminating the fat cells in the end. 


Contrary to it, coolsculpting kills the fat cells by making use of a process known as cryolipolysis. To hold the tissue in place, an applicator is placed over the treatment area to deliver the cooling to the double chin. This freezing will lead to the destruction of fat cells from there and will, in turn, give you the toned jawline. 


Number of treatments 


As far as it is about the number of treatments, these are far less for coolsculpting than in kybella. For coolsculpting, you need a maximum of two treatments to get rid of the double chin. But if you are getting kybella done for the double chin, then you might need at least four treatments. You need to keep in mind while getting this because you cannot avail of these treatments in one go. Instead of this, there must be some gap between the sessions availed.


The pricing 


Year by year, the prices of coolsculpting and kybella tend to change. However, they are never fixed and depend on a lot of factors. The determinants that play a prominent role in impacting the prices of both are mentioned below: 


The provider: Firstly, it is your provider who will decide the prices of coolsculpting and kybella. If your provider is competent and skilled enough to perform the treatment and has much experience dealing with such patients, then the prices will be high for sure. On the contrary, if your provider is fresher or inexperienced, you can expect the treatment costs below. 


Area to be treated: Secondly, it is considered which area of the body you are getting treated. Usually, the areas treated include the stomach, lower abdomen, thighs, bra bulges, back fat, and many more. The cost will be high if you get the treatment for stomach or belly fat and less if some other area is getting treated. 


Location: Next, we have the location of the treatment. In some cities, these treatments are popular and are found everywhere. In such a case, you can expect the treatment costs to be less. On the contrary, if you are getting the treatment from such a place where only a few providers are there, the treatment will prove costly. 


Maintenance sessions: Some persons are not done with losing fat in a single session of coolsculpting and kybella. For instance, if you get the treatment done on the stomach, then there are high chances that you will have to take more sessions of coolsculpting and kybella. And it is evident that if you have more sessions, it will cost you more. And vice versa. 


On average, coolsculpting will cost you around $1300, whereas kybella will cost you about $2175. 


Side effects 


Next, the major difference between these treatments is the side effects people get after receiving the treatment. As far as both the treatments are concerned, there are no severe side effects, but minor side effects do occur, and these will differ from person to person. For example, the patients who got their double chin fixed by kybella complained of after-effects like bruising, pain, and swelling. Contrary to it, there is coolsculpting. After getting coolsculpting done, a person is bound to feel such side effects as numbness, pain, redness, bruising, and swelling. But the best thing about these side effects is they are temporary and get fixed on their own. You do not need to worry over these as these do not intend to harm you. 




The only thing which is on the people’s mind is the results while getting these treatments. If we compare the coolsculpting and kybella results, especially for getting rid of double chin, kybella is the best option. Many people have reported getting their dream jawline after getting the kybella. Moreover, the results of kybella are super fast. You will begin to see the results of kybella after a week only, and it will be long-lasting. There is the slightest possibility of getting the fat on the chin again if one gets the kybella for once. 


Effect on the skin 


Some people say that both these treatments have specific effects on the skin of the person. It is said that these make the skin of the person lose. If you also have loose skin, then coolsculpting is the best option for this as kybella can make it worse and does not affect loose skin. 



There cannot be any better option to get rid of a double chin than the kybella as it will give you the toned jawline in no time. So now you must have got an answer to the question- how to get rid of double chin

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