Which One is Better: Modular Shower Buildings vs. Custom-Built Tile Shower Units?

Modular restroom buildings are affordable, as well as the quick solution for particularly an important need. These prefabricated shower buildings are generally designed for meeting any demands and then transported and installed on-site, wherever the site may be. 

If you are planning to remodel a bathroom featuring a new shower are often faced with a key choice: should you install a prefabricated shower or build a custom ceramic tile shower. If you want a prefabricated shower, then it is ideal to find one of the best construction companies to construct a high-quality modular shower building, portable toilet, modular office building, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some important things about both types of showers that will help you in choosing the best one. 

  • Pre-Fabricated Units 

Prefabricated shower units are generally fiberglass or acrylic kits created in a factory and transported to your location in one or multiple pieces. They can be fitted by a professional. Many shower kits involve a shower pan and two or three solid wall panels, while some are one-piece shells, in which the shower base or bathtub is combined with the walls. 

One considering feature in the selection between a one-piece or multi-piece unit is whether you can get a one-piece component through the doors of your house. Homeowners also select multi-piece components for this very reason. The multi-piece units generally come with everything you need: a shower pan or tub, wall panels with shelves, and soap dishes molded into them. 

  • Custom-Built Tile Showers 

Custom-built tile showers are generally built on-site, built from scratch by carpenters and tilers. Carpenters construct the basic frame for the alcove, waiting for it with adhesive board panels. Tilers at that point step in and varnish the tile work. 

The shower doors should be custom-ordered for sizing and mounted by the carpenter. They are generally considerably more expensive than prefabricated shower units. A custom-tile, while, displays luxury in a method that few prefabricated showers units can style. 

Pros of Prefabricated Shower Buildings 

  • Speedy Installation 

A new shower can be finished start for concluding in a single day. Custom-tile showers while taking a week or more, even in the hands of an expert pro. 

  • Low Cost 

Basically, prefabricated showers are more inexpensive than tiled stalled showers. 

  • Easy Maintenance

Prefabricated showers are easier to retain clean than ceramic tile showers, with their several grout lines. 

  • Minimal Seams 

There are many prefabricated kits that have joints only in corners and along the top of the shower pan or tub. One-piece components generally have no seams at all. And fewer seams mean easier cleaning, as well as less probability of leaking. 

  • Flexible base

Acrylic or fiberglass shower pans come with some flexibility. They will also not crack if there is a small amount of stretch to the subfloor. Ideally, the prefabricated base is entrenched in a thin layer of grout for steadiness, but unlike custom tile shower pans, dripping almost never occurs with prefabricated shower pans. 

  • Lightweight 

Modular showers are really plastic of one form or another and they are also lighter than custom tile showers. In a house where there are basic floor problems, a modular shower is a better choice. 

Pros of Custom-Tiled Showers 

  • Design Options 

Since they are built from scratch, there is basically an infinite range of design options possible. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Ceramic tile is characteristically green since it is made with natural clay, not plastic. An even greener solution is eco-friendly made with 40 to 60 percent reused content. Reused tile appearances just as striking as from scratch tile, and it costs unevenly the same. 

  • Size Flexibility 

A tile shower can be built for fitting any available space. 

  • Increase Real Estate Value 

Ceramic tile is one of the premium building materials that will possibly enhance the resale value of your home when compared to synthetic shower materials. Particularly when paired with ceramic tile bathrooms and stone countertops, a custom tile shower will be a retailing benefit. 

Both prefabricated shower and ceramic-tiled showers are perfect for your home. But if you want a cost-effective solution to keep yourself on a budget then modular shower building is one of the best solutions. You can easily find a prefabricated constructor to build a high-quality modular shower building for your home along with every feature.

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