Which Erectile Dysfunction Drug Is Best?


Maybe you would have faced a situation where in you could not get an erect penis for penetration as expected.

Then you are aware of the emotional tumult that ensues.

Also, there develop various feelings such as anxiety, dishonor, humiliation, and disappointment, specifically in case the malfunction goes on untreated.

Besides, this forms the situation you will never forget.

However, in the United States, half of the guys who are forty to seventy years of age go through this condition.

Moreover, as too numerous guys, ED or erectile dysfunction is a matter of grave concern.

Plus, luckily, there happen to be many ways to treat and rein in ED issues.

Therefore, you need to make out which erectile dysfunction drug is best.

Additionally, ED makes a treatable disorder and numerous remedies can give relief.

So, a patient needs not to ask which erectile dysfunction drug is best for his condition.

Furthermore, PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitors may be an efficacious and reliable ED management option.

Also, medications in other categories can help too.

Besides, here you will find details about PDE5 inhibitors.

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Moreover, these medicines hamper the working of the PDE5 enzyme in the phallus.

Plus, this is a chemical present in the blood vessels walls that assists to control blood circulation to the member.

Furthermore, after you experience sensual stimulation, your body liberates chemicals.

Additionally, these chemicals bring on the relaxation of the smooth muscles available in the blood vessels.

Besides, this paves way for additional blood supply to flow through them.

Moreover, PDE5 inhibitors interfere with the annihilation of these chemicals.

Thus, it amplifies blood volume and leads to an erection.

Also, it is necessary to note that sensual arousal is an important part of the PDE5 inhibitor to function.

Plus, eating only a PDE5 inhibitor cannot serve any purpose.

Additionally, there are many PDE5 inhibitor medicines for treating ED so know which erectile dysfunction drug is best.

A guy’s options for treating ED condition


  • A variety of remedies can assist to treat ED. Sildenafil (Viagra) makes an efficient way of managing erectile dysfunction.
  • Furthermore, this drug can manage conditions like hypertension.
  • Also, the pills of Sildenafil are obtainable in the strengths of 25/50/100 milligrams.

Certain upsides of eating Generic Viagra pills for ED are:

  • The moiety of Generic viagra Fildena 100mg acts very fast. It begins its effective function nearly thirty minutes after ingesting it.
  • Besides, lots of clinical trials report the effective results of the pill. 
  • Moreover, the pill goes on showing its great results for four hours. 
  • However, adverse side effects are uncommon, though they may come up as heart issues and allergic reactions. 
  • So, your question of which erectile dysfunction drug is best gets an answer.

Several downsides are:

  • This can be only a temporary option because 20 to 50 percent of guys who eat Viagra take it temporarily.
  • Also, the drug cannot be an appropriate choice for males who are dealing with several chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis.
  • Plus, Viagra pills can exhibit interaction with other medicaments that take in Several blood pressure and heart ailment medicines.
  • Additionally, males appear to choose a substitute, Cialis, although the two medications are equally efficacious, says a 2017 study.

Side effects

    • Viagra gives side effects like vision issues, dizziness, continuous painful erection, chest pain, and nausea. 
    • Also, a fever, runny nose, headaches, hot flashes, stuffy nose, body aches, seizures, and muscle pain begins. 

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