When Do You Need A Water Softener For Your Home?

March 2, 2022

When it comes to buying a water softener, consumers have a truckload of questions in their minds. Why is a water softener necessary for my home? What’s the difference between soft water and hard water? What are the benefits of a water softener? Does it really matter? Well, everyone knows water is a necessity for us but there are a lot of factors to consider before spending your money on a water softener. It all depends on where you live, the water quality, and how you use it. There is sometimes no requirement of it in every home but still, making this decision can have an impact on your life. Let us have a look at all the reasons when and why your home will require a water softener.

Signs Your Home Needs A Water Softener

The best way to determine whether you need a water softener or not is to get your water professionally tested. The test will determine the quality of your water and its hardness and the final decision completely depends on these factors. If you are still confused, here are 7 signs that will tell when your home needs one.

  1. Scale Build-up On Appliances: Having scale buildup in appliances at your home? Hard water is the reason! There can be mineral deposits on your tea and coffee pots and they can also be present within the pipes running in your home. This results in the formation of clogs in your plumbing which makes your house less effective in passing wastewater out through the pipes. Buying a water softener can reduce this buildup.
  2. Faded Clothes:If you think your clothes, bedsheets, and other materials are fading and losing their natural color, it is probably because of hard water. The best way to get rid of this problem is to get the right water softener from a certified company.
  3. Plumbing Is In Constant Need Of Repair:If you have steel pipes at your home, hard water can prove to be the worst thing for them. These pipes not only get damaged from the buildup but they create a hindrance to the easy flow of water. Because of this restricted flow, the water pressure reduces, thus resulting in a faster buildup rate. Moreover, if the same thing happens with valves, possibly they won’t even close properly causing water leakage which reduces the life span of your appliances. Getting them repaired is expensive as well so it is better to have a water softener to avoid all these problems.
  4. Glassware Is Brittle And Damaged:Hard water can create tough stains on your glassware and removing them can be a nuisance. They also tend to break easily. You can try several alternatives to prevent this situation such as cleaning your glassware with a dishwasher using a solution of vinegar. However, if you want a more permanent solution, a water softener is always the answer!
  5. Dry Skin and Hair Loss:Are you suffering from itchy skin as well as hair loss? This is probably because of the extra calcium and magnesium salts present in your water. Hard water doesn’t nourish your skin; instead, it dries it out.
  6. Stain On Sinks And Bathtubs:You might see that there are tough stains on your sink and bathtub as well. Such stains occur when tap water evaporates and then it leaves behind calcium and magnesium mineral residue. If you want to remove these stains permanently, we suggest that you use a Pottasium Chloride water softener and these stains will be gone for good, leaving your sink and bathtub look new as they were.
  7. Higher Water Bills:Who likes excessive water bills? No one! Your water usage will go up because your pipes have to work harder to let the water flow freely. This, in turn, will increase your bills. You might need a water softener if this is the case with you. You can also talk to your local utility company to determine the hardness of the water. They will likely recommend that you install a water softener to lower your bill and solve all your problems mentioned above.

Things To Consider Before Buying One

If you think that you are suffering from all these problems as well, then it is time for you to get the right water softener for your home. There are several factors that you need to consider before buying. First of all, consider its size and the capacity of its storage tank. They all come in different shapes and sizes depending on their ability to remove hardness of water. Also, determine the amount of water that is being consumed daily at your home and then choose one accordingly. Last but not the least; you have to check the hardness of water. You can conduct a water test with the help of your local authorities.


Are you now ready to bid goodbye to hard water, unwanted additives, rough hair, and flaky skin?Then bring home a new water softener! It will convert hard water into soft water. However, not every household is in the need of a water softener. Also, not every system is suitable for every home. Everything depends on the quality of water, the physical layout of your home, and your needs. If you are someone looking for a water softener, then ZeroB Pure Water Solutions has a wide range of water softeners available to suit all of your needs. Contact at 022 68486848 to get one for yourself!

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