What’s the difference between the title ‘Doctor’ and ‘Professor’ for academics?

Academia is known to have its own customs and traditions that can come off as rather confusing for students. People in college generally refer to their teachers as “professors” and “doctors”. Both of these titles are kindred with the academic credentials and certifications of the individual.

A doctor: any individual who has gained a pass in his doctorate exam in any course of study can technically be cited as a doctor. A doctorate is the most supreme and highest attainable degree in any branch of learning. For instance, if there is a doctor of mathematics, it would signify that he is someone who has accomplished the maximal certification in the study of mathematics. In order to obtain this honorary degree and be entitled as a doctor, one must carry out deep research and analysis work.

A professor: any individual holding a Ph.D. in his area of expertise can be granted the academic title of a professor. This title discriminates between seniors and juniors in the realm of teaching. To be a professor means to be a high-ranking faculty member in a vocation, college, or university. To advance in this profession, the path one must follow is trailed by initially becoming a lecturer, followed by an assistant professor and associate professor, and ends at the stop declaring one to be a professor.

A good majority of people, however, are in doubt and confused when it comes down to narrowing down when and whom to refer as a professor and as a doctor. To cater to and eliminate this dilemma, find listed below the significant distinctions between the two.

Doctor vs Professor:

The key difference between a doctor and a professor is defined by the rank that they hold within the educational realm.

  1. Definitions:

Someone holding the highest degree in their field of expertise i.e. a doctorate is referred to as a doctor, whereas a professor is to attain the loftiest teaching position at a university.


  1. Significance:

For multiple individuals outside the academy, the term “professor” might reflect an image of a wise, elderly man involved in ambiguous studies and the term “doctor” may conjure you to limit someone to a medical base. But both these terms extend to horizons broader than what’s being presumed.

  1. Academic requirements:

Typically a professor refers to a literary position targeting both research and teaching where earning a Ph.D. is a prerequisite. A doctor however must have completed a doctorate and has less involvement in the overall research work.


The above-mentioned factors are key distinctions between a doctor and a professor. It goes without saying that both the titles are valuable and the student population can refer to both in affairs of availing assistance from the best creative content writers on the market. However, in retrospect, a doctor needs to be more diligent and dedicate relatively more time and effort into their field of study than a professor.

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