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When we talk about custom mailer boxes most of the time they have been produced in brown cardboard and we have been considered them all alike. But we should know that they are different as compared to brown corrugated cardboard, these custom mailer corrugated boxes are always designed and manufactured differently. These corrugated boxes tend to be not only unique in terms of customization, but they meant to be sturdy and strong enough to hold heavy or lightweight products when it comes to shipping them from 1 place to another, Pak Branding not only offer wholesale custom mailer boxes but we also offer custom design and logo according to your product specification so when you send out your products, people can recognize your brand by looking at your company logo and those mailer boxes.

Custom mailer boxes were introduced in 1871 back in New York. Since then they have been produced and used around the world for many different purposes because they are perfect to use and pack for any product. It can also be produced in sturdy cardboard rather than thick corrugated stock as some companies do prefer to go for cardboard as per their requirements, so Pak Branding is the perfect place to go and place your order as they offer wholesale custom mailer boxes for any quantity.

 If you are looking for corrugated mailer boxes for shipping needs then these boxes work perfectly for your products to ship as compared to cardboard boxes. Clients will be able to prevent tearing, splitting, and bursting with these corrugated mailer boxes. For example, if you are going to ship your product to foreign lands, you should be confident that it is going to reach its destination without any damage or anything. Once upon a time, corrugated boxes were made all simple for many years, but in this modern era, they have been improved in terms of design, material, and manufacturing techniques.

These corrugated boxes are also waterproof as they are resistant to water because they are coated with the material that promises no impact on the boxes or the products in them. The beauty of these custom corrugated boxes is that you can also store them once you are done with shipping because they are very easy to store and unfolded into flat cardboard. It’s that easy with these boxes. As we know that business is going global nowadays so shipping needs has been increased day by day.

This is the reason most of the companies need to ship their products from one land to another, so having made a beautiful custom mailer box not only impacts your business well but it also increases your sales every time you send products. not only offers good wholesale custom mailer boxes but also make sure that they do not compromise on the quality of the boxes too. If you want your clients to experience a customized feel, then you have to have printing, good design, and a logo on the mailer boxes. It will attract more clients and not worry, as it can be easily printed at Also, keep in mind that using the same mailer boxes is not a good choice to go for because each product will have different shapes and dimensions, so the same mailer box for almost every product will not work and it can cost you higher as compared to new mailer box.

The beauty of pakbranding is that you can customize any shape and size so easily according to your product and desire. That is not true that customization in the mailer boxes is impossible to do. Pak branding provides custom solutions for mailer boxes for any size, shape, and dimensions, You can also get gift mailer boxes for your friends and family or even can retail them as packaging or for shipping purposes. Some business worries that having customization will cost high, that is not the case as pakbranding offer wholesale price to all the small and large business. You can talk to their expertise according to your budget and they will come up with the best possible solution if you are looking for customization mailer boxes in small quantity and wholesale price so pakbranding is a website to visit for.

You can lose sales if your packaging is damaged or not printed clearly so no one will pick your product in any store. So having proper printing and sturdy packaging is as important as you can think of. So in order to make the right name in the market so should never compromise on the quality of the boxes and printing. At pakbranding you can use any sturdy cardboard, corrugated, rigid, or even eco-friendly for custom mailer boxes. Custom corrugated mailer boxes are mostly used for shipping purpose and cardboard material packaging is mostly used for retail purposes.

Also, rigid mailer boxes are mostly used for high-class products so you can also use them as gift boxes for your precious products. Eco-friendly Kraft stock is also a biodegradable material that is getting very popular nowadays. The reason behind this huge demand is the social paradigm shift. People are very conscious about the packaging material so that is why most of the business prefers to have recyclable biodegradable material. Also keep in mind that the packaging layout has to be perfect in order to grab clients’ attention, what if the layout is not perfect, It obvious clients will not really buy your product. So having proper layout is very important.

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