What type of mattress should I use as a trundle?

October 27, 2021

Standard twin mattresses are the most common trundle mattress to use. They are both light and easy to move around as well as affordable to replace if necessary. When selecting the best trundle bed mattress it’s important to know the size dimensions before purchasing.


In order for a trundle mattress to function properly, it needs there to be enough room under the bed frame and side railings for it to roll out of its tucked-away space. A piece of plywood or a futon best trundle bed mattress can also be used as a comfortable and affordable option that is easy to move.

Can you put a trundle mattress under a standard queen or king bed?

A standard twin mattress can be used for this purpose, but it is not recommended to try and fit any other size than twin underneath your bed frame. A trundle mattress needs there to be enough room for it to roll out which is why if your bed frame is larger than the standard twin trundle mattress you put it under it will not be able to slide out effectively.

What is the maximum weight a trundle mattress can hold?

A standard twin size trundle mattress should be able to support up to 600lbs. If it is any heavier than this you risk damaging and possibly even breaking the frame of your bed from overuse. It also puts extra stress on the fabric that protects you from bugs and dirt underneath the mattress and will wear quickly and need to be replaced. If you are looking for a bigger size trundle mattress such as XL twin best trundle bed mattress there is not an official weight limit like with standard sized ones, though it should still be considered when purchasing.

Is a trundle mattress heavy?

Trundle mattresses are generally lightweight and easy to move around even though they are larger than standard twin bed sizes. If you purchase a piece of plywood it is important to use screws that have been drilled through the wood rather than nails because it makes the board stronger which helps prevent any cracks or damages while being used.


All trundle mattresses are larger than standard twin size beds, so there is a need for extra room on both sides of it to allow it to roll out freely. If your bed frame is smaller than the mattress you put under the bed then it will not be able to roll out without hitting either side giving you little room to sleep. This is why it is necessary to check the size measurements of the mattress you are purchasing for this use in order to avoid any mishaps during its function.

Are trundle mattress pads waterproof?

No, most trundle mattress covers are not waterproof because they are designed to be easily washed and replaced when necessary. If you do need a cover that is waterproof it can be purchased at your local Walmart or another department store for a reasonable price. Once again it is important to make sure the size of the mattress cover matches with the size of your best trundle bed mattress in order for it to fit correctly.

What is the best way to clean a trundle mattress?

A standard cleaning process can be followed if you have a zippered cover on your trundle mattress. Remove the cover and put it into the washer machine on cold then line dry. If you do not have a cover, do not machine wash the trundle mattress because excessive water will damage it and the fabric underneath it that protects from dirt and bugs. Instead, use a sponge or soft brush along with a small amount of soap to lightly scrub off any dirt stains then rinse clean by using a dampened sponge. Allow time to dry and then put back under your bed.

How do I know if my mattress fits on a trundle bed?

If you are unsure of whether or not your best trundle bed mattress will fit underneath your bed, you can check with the seller to ensure compatibility. If they do not carry the size trundle mattress you need either order one from them or look online for a list of places that sell trundle beds.

What is the standard trundle bed height?

A standard trundle bed should be at least 1 inch taller than your regular mattress to ensure that it can roll underneath out properly. If you want a more traditional look and feel it’s also ok to raise your trundle bed higher than your other mattress for a couple of reasons: extra storage and easier access to the underneath area.


The higher the trundle bed is the more room you have underneath it to store items. Also, if you are a taller person or just like the feel of being raised then making your regular mattress slightly shorter than usual and having your trundle bed higher gives you that feeling without adding an additional height to your entire bed frame.


The best trundle bed mattress is one that provides comfort, support and durability. These are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new mattress for your child’s room or guest bedroom. If you want help finding the perfect trundle bed mattress for your needs, ask us! Our team of experts at Hatteras Mattress Outlet will provide unbiased recommendations on all sorts of mattresses in our local showroom with prices starting at $199. Best of all, it costs nothing to meet with us!


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