What to Consider When Looking For Moldavite Pendants

June 17, 2022

Moldavite is a meteorite-formed gemstone that is found in large amounts in the southern part of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Some of it can also be mined in other parts of Germany as well. Its Czech translation is “vltavín”, which is also the name of the river flowing through Prague and Český Krumlov—Vltava River.

Not many raw gemstone collectors or sellers in the world would be willing to sell you such a rare stone. Since its durability is identical to that of glass, it can only be observed in non-impacted jewelry objects such as Moldavite pendants and earrings.

The natural hue of moldavite, which is a tektile, should be brown or greenish-brown in appearance. However, the green variety of this specific gemstone is by far the most sought-for, and as a result, the price for it is the highest among its various color variants. There is a general perception that the brown-colored versions are less desirable and hence less costly than the green-hued shades.

Franz Xaver Maxmilian Zippe, Custodian of the National Museum in Prague, first called it Moldavite after the river Moldau (Vltava) and the town Moldauthein (Týn nad Vltavou), located in České Budějovice District in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

What Is Moldavite’s Popularity All About?
Moldavite has become more popular in recent years because of its extraterrestrial connections and its spiritual and metaphysical therapeutic properties. Moldavite is often associated with the ability to bring about change in the minds of those who come into contact with it.

One of the factors that contribute to moldavite’s high popularity is the fact that it can be found in just a single location on Earth. This implies that it will someday run out, and there will be no more for us to harvest beyond that point.

In what ways does moldavite help?
Moldavite is often utilized in earth chakra rituals and practices because many think that Moldavite was sent to Earth to assist the world in rising beyond its current status.

Moldavite is also a great stone to use if you want to boost the energy of other crystals you already own. Moldavite is said to have mystical capabilities that make it easier to connect with the universe and your higher self if you meditate while gazing into a more transparent chunk of the gemstone.

Because of its history, some people say that a Moldavite pendant has a cosmic oversoul that makes it easier for the person who wears it to talk to ascended masters. It’s easy to see why someone would want to wear one if they are interested in mystical practices, however the main reason why people love this stone is because it possesses such attractive natural beauty.

High-quality moldavite jewelry makes a statement, as this stone is truly unique compared to many other kinds of gemstones and metals out there. Whether you are looking for one based on its outward appearance or its spiritual properties, there can be no denying that owning one would upgrade your wardrobe!

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