What Should You Know About Gary Golon – Helping Businesses to Sell Coal and Fertilizer

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The Russia-Ukraine war has largely affected the global fertilizer and coal supply chain. Shortages and transportation issues further lead to a surge in fertilizer prices. Businesses, farmers, and industrial enterprises have been witnessing food price inflation and a reduction in production levels.

To alleviate such issues and challenges, I consulted Gary Golon to meet my needs for fertilizer and coal for a variety of applications. He made me familiar with price fluctuations, how to safeguard domestic supplies, manage manufacturing plants, and reduce logistical problems.

About Gary Golon – 35+ Years of Experience in Business Consultation

Gary Golon is a doctor who completed his Ph.D. in business and has been successfully building companies and selling those for millions of dollars. He carries diverse background and expertise in precious metals, petroleum and gas, real estate, heavy equipment, mining, property investment scheme, and many others.

He understands all aspects of the industry from exploration to investing and can offer genuine advice on project management and order fulfillment to streamline business operations. In response to the shortage of fertilizer and coal supply due to the ongoing crisis, Dr. Gary is working tirelessly with clients to increase production levels and step ahead onto a profitable route.

Working with Gary Golon has been an Incredible Experience

While there is an immediate concern about high food prices, fertilizer price spikes, and the availability of coal, Gary Golon has been a commendable support throughout my journey. He helped me to manage commodity trading, oversee vulnerable market conditions, and spot prices, and create long-term solutions to address affordability and availability concerns.

He made me familiar with the Ukraine conflict, the sanctions it triggered, and disruptions in the Black Sea trading routes – everything that has increased trade costs and uncertainty about fertilizer and coal export and import. All these problems have been reduced by trading on international markets, producing key components in N fertilizers, and relying on countries with relatively lower coal prices.


Clearly, countries and businesses depending heavily on fertilizer imports from Russia face a huge shortfall and will need secure alternative sources to meet their demands.

Above all, I feel fortunate that I came to know about Gary Golon, his expertise, and achievements to accelerate my business growth. He acts as a powerful force to examine a full suite of potential steps associated with fertilizer like urea and coal production and a further step toward a more resilient and sustainable future.

Anyone looking for consultation and selling coal and fertilizer across different countries can approach Dr. Gary Golon for exceptional support.

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