What Should You Buy Firestone Tyres?

 Due to multiple tyre companies in the market, it becomes relatively hard to choose the best product for your vehicle. That’s when Firestone tyres come into action. The brand guarantees basic safety, quality along with providing excellent performance. Racing with large-scale tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear and Michelin. Now, Firestone tyres is headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee.

Firestone Tyres Coventry is a tyre company that is truly committed to producing consistently best tyres, assuring that each of their tyres products meet the best quality standards. 

About the Firestone Tyres

Firestone tyres were built at the origin of the 20th century. This company has to be identified as the Firestone tyre. When they began their company, they just were a business of around 12 people. However, by the year 1906, through hard work and commitment, they have achieved a good sales record successfully. The company grew up with the main idea for front first non-tread pattern and this changed the entire tyre industry. Extra significant enrichment was performed by Firestone Tyres Company when they finally changed their shipping by reaching up with some first industrial truck utilized in the 1st world war. That truck appeared to be kenned as Ship by Truck.

Firestone also provides replacement tyre for every other vehicle, heavy trucks, and even SUVs.   Also earlier produced original equipment (OE) wheels for the Ford Motor. Firestone wheels are a great option for that day-to-day commuter watching out for some budget-free option. The company provides a broad variety of good quality tyres that provide to the demands of every commuter.

Some of the Fittest Variants of these Firestone Tyres can be as follows:

  • Firestone Fire hawk-

The tyre is created to work properly in any seasons throughout the year. They also beget an asymmetrical tread design with combined silica content in good density to implement enhanced grip. The great silica content is effective for improving the tread’s life, which fit best in those hatchbacks and places quite amazingly. 

  • Firestone Winter force:

Winter force wheels come with some amazing pattern in tyre tread with raised sipes and channels that give excellent traction on snowy roads.

  • TransForce:

As its name suggests, Firestone’s TransForce tyres are built to last for longer and contribute to high stability in off-road situations. These wheels come with double steel belts, secured by the nylon maintaining their health under circumstances where other wheels would be given up prolonged ago and become deformed. These are an all-season wheel and limits the vehicle from slipping in cold and moist conditions.

Firestone tyres are preferred by Ford and are also approved by customers looking for a reputable kind of tyres. If you need your own set, you can easily book Firestone Tyres Coventry online with every alternative that is certain to fit the vehicle.


Firestone allows several popular options for the best performance, such as the all-season roads, and also for the highway wheels. While they do not possess quite the related reputation as big companies like Goodyear or even Michelin, but Firestone Tyres Coventry is regarded well by wheel industry specialists. 


  • Powerful industry backing
  • Suitable tread wear warranties
  • budget-friendly options for SUV tyres


  • Some highly rated models available across all tyre categories

Our Final Judgments on Firestone Tyres

Firestone wheels are comparatively affordable for daily use, particularly for lightweight truck and even suitable for SUV drivers. The tyre company offers various types of wheels, but only some of the models reach out in particular categories. Firestone’s consumer reviews are also mixed with other brands, but overall are positive. Finally, the Firestone Tyres Coventry is a prominent choice for the basic driver having basic models.

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