What makes Compulink Healthcare Solutions an excellent tool for Medical Practitioners in the USA?

About EHRs

If you are in the market for an EHR, then you probably should check out Compulink Healthcare Solutions and what they have to offer. In this piece we will break down what exactly are the features of Compulink as an EHR that make it an excellent tool for medical practitioners in the United States. EHR stands for electronic health record, which as they sound are indeed digitized patient records but they also have functions which make them so much more. These days EHRs are capable of doing anything and everything; from billing to patient scheduling and more. 

Features for Compulink Healthcare Solutions 

Before taking the plunge and committing to an EHR system, anyone would want to know about its features. If that is what you intend to do as well, then you are in the right place because we are going to list down and talk about all the Compulink Healthcare EMR features. If you would like to know more about this EHR then keep reading! 


  1. Patient Scheduling

A very important aspect of any medical practice is patient scheduling. With this EMR you will be able to schedule patients seamlessly. The process is much simpler as with the EMR you are able to add the appointment in the physician’s schedule. The EMR also makes sure to send reminders to patients and confirm appointments to avoid no-shows and maximize the number of patients you are able to see in a day. 

  1. Electronic Billing

Another aspect of running a medical related practice is the billing aspect of it. Billing is a big part of running any business. You have to chase down payments and keep track of any provisions which apply to your income and same is the case with a medical practice. According to Compulink healthcare solutions reviews, users really appreciate how the billing system in the EMR works as it makes things much simpler. 

  1. Lab Integration 

Another aspect of Compulink which is very much appreciated by a lot of users is the fact that it has lab integration capabilities. This means that when you ask a patient to get certain testing done, the results are sent to you by the lab directly through the EMR portal available to both. This means all the patient files you already have can directly receive the test results and your patients files will be automatically updated. This means your patient will also experience convenience as they will not have to bring or send their test results to you themselves. 

  1. Patient Portal

Patient portals are incredibly beneficial. One of the Compulink healthcare EMR features is the patient facing portal which complies with HIPAA and other regulations. The portal lets patients contact physicians and keep track of their appointments as well. This makes things much easier for both physicians and patients. 

  1. Templates

Another amazing feature of this EMR is the fact that it has different templates and customizable templates for different specializations. This means that you are able to get a template which best suits your specialty and can modify patient history taking and other aspects to make it more your style. 


  1. E-Prescription

One of the best Compulink healthcare EMR features has to be that it enables you to make e-prescriptions which makes both your and your patients life easier. This lets you make prescriptions virtually and lets you send this prescription to a pharmacy nearest and most convenient to your patient. This lets you and your patient both save time as it lets you save a lot where they would otherwise have to come in simply to get a prescription for a medication or their refill! 

Is the Investment in Compulink Solutions Worth it?

Even though all these Compulink Healthcare EMR features we discussed above are great, it depends on you and your own needs. We would recommend asking for a Compulink healthcare EMR demo from the vendor so you can try out the software for yourself before deciding if it is worth your time and serves your needs. The Compulink healthcare EMR cost is not a small one so you should ensure you get your money’s worth! 

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