What is UX and UIDesign?

October 13, 2021



UX is the structure & layout of the website – UI is the look & feel that everyone will see.

Okay, now we know the meaning. But what does that mean in practice, because a design for a website is just the template, right?


Template vs Design

Let me first explain the difference between a template that you download and install in your WordPress website and a custom design especially for your business.

A standard template does not contain any form of (UX and/or UI) design. It is a general shell that must be able to be used for every company and for every target group. And therein lies our problem with templates: they are not unique and there is no strategy behind them. It is therefore very difficult to achieve your goals with a template.

A website without strategy, objectives and target group research will not work for your company. That is why we never work with standardized templates, but always make all designs unique and tailor-made.


UX and UI design in practice


Before we can start with the actual visual design, it is important to map out the purpose of the website. Which functionalities should be included and which pages should be included. During a strategy session we investigate the goals and functionalities and we combine this input with a target group research, content strategy and technical considerations to create a wire-frame. This wire-frame is a representation of the desired structure that the site will have.


So UI design is visual design.

Using the previously developed UX blueprints and corporate identity guidelines, we create a visual representation for the website. In the visual design we determine the look & feel. We distinguish primary conversions from secondary conversions and ensure that this is visually clear. In the design phase we apply various techniques from neuromarketing, typography and color psychology.


From UI/UX Design to WordPress website

When the design is ready and approved by the customer, we convert it into a working WordPress website. Depending on the target group, we work mobile-first or desktop-first.


Why is UI and UX important?

To make your website work for you, you have to make sure that you make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website to achieve their goal and that that goal aligns with what you want people to do on your website.

With a well-thought-out structure, you can direct your visitors to the pages and buttons that you want to be pressed. There is nothing more frustrating for your visitor than getting lost on a website. All too often we come across websites where, for example, the logo is not clickable to home or whose pages have no clear purpose in the form of buttons or whose buttons in the menu are in the wrong order. These are all reasons for people to get lost and to leave the website without taking any action.


We even once got the question from a customer if we wanted to investigate why the request form for a quote was no longer being filled in. That investigation was very short; the customer had removed the contact page from the menu to make room for another page in the menu bar. That form was therefore no longer available via the menu. The conversion went from 10 requests per week to 0 in one fell swoop.

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