What Is The Most Profitable Type Of Farming In Ireland?

September 22, 2021

Farming is the most vulnerable sector in the economy of Ireland. It can go from everything to nothing in just a matter of seconds. Every country has its status in the farming field, and if we talk about Ireland, it is full of different types of farming practiced in the world.


Farming status of Ireland


Farming magazines have reported that there are two farming worlds currently existing in Ireland.


First is the more stable and rich one. This sector in Ireland involves multi-million trading deals and international deals. They ship enormous goods and witness ships going across the Mediterranean sea for trades. They have large sticks, big money, and large factories in other developed countries.


The second world is the poor and struggling world. This farming world in Ireland involves the struggles of farmers and workers. It is full of the extra work they have to do because of the poor transportation system, staying up late to look after their products, and going here and there to get a single trading deal.


The difference between these two worlds is something we can’t ignore. Farming Magazines of Ireland have stated that this difference is so enormous and impactful that it determines which farming type will dominate the farming sector of Ireland. This has led to many farmer’s protest news today.


Irish Farming Types


We have talked about the differences between the two worlds of farming and the consequences and the differences they create.


To know which type of farming will profit you the most is very important because farming is already a risky field. Knowing where to direct your next steps in this field becomes extremely important.


According to a reputed farmers’ magazine UK, Ireland has faced many ups and downs in the farming field. However, one cannot rule out the existence of some sub-sectors within the farming field that proves to be more profitable and lucrative than other types of farming.


Before we talk about the most profitable farming in Ireland, we should first know what kinds of farming are practiced in Ireland.



Cattle farming is getting popular in the fields of Ireland because it is one of the most stable farming in Ireland right now.According to a farmer’s weekly news, a significant number of farms in Ireland are moving towards cattle farming. Many farmers’ magazines in Ireland have announced cattle farming as competitive and sustainable farming in Ireland.



Dairy farming is currently dominating Ireland’s farming sector.Some farmers news 2021 has shown that Irish Dairy farmers are creating tough competition globally.

So far, dairying has been Ireland’s most profitable farming enterprise.



Sheep farming and production come next to dairying in terms of profitability and popularity in Ireland. It is based on a low-cost grass production system.



Pigs production is another most profitable sector in farming apart from dairy farming.

It focuses more on improving the productivity, profitability, and overall economy of Ireland’s farming sector.



Goats farming has been in Ireland since the start of commercial farming. It forms a considerable part of Irish enterprise’s farms.


An Insight Into The Most Profitable Farming In Ireland


As mentioned above, dairy farming is the most profitable farming activity in Ireland.

According to a farmers’ magazine Ireland, the dairying sector hit a record-breaking €86,115 globally.


If you look at the figures, you will know why dairy farming is the most profitable farming in Ireland.


        Dairy has been earning five times more than cattle and sheep farming.

       According to a farmer magazine UK, cattle and sheep farming together earned between €12,000 and €17,000 per annum.

       The dairy sector of Ireland is getting globally recognized because most of Ireland’s dairy produce is getting exported. Dairy products are traded globally in the form of protein powders and infant formula to Asian markets such as China or as butter and cheese to Europe and the US.

       If you want to know exactly how important dairy farming is in the farming sector of Ireland, then exclude dairy farms and calculate the average income of the sector. The average income of Ireland’s farming sector drops by approximately €20,000, which is more than two-thirds of the total farming income.

       Farmers news has stated that the lowest earners are the sheep farms, and cattle farms labelled these sectors as very poor.


Farmer News Today has shown how the dairy field is not only the most profitable one, but it is also growing continuously, both economically and globally, better than other farming in Ireland. Dairy farming in Ireland has experienced strong and impactful growth in 2016, which might be why dairy became most profitable. Statistically speaking, Ireland’s dairy market prices experienced a strong boost in 2016. It was up in the chart by 32% globally. The continuous efforts of the workers and the smart decisions of the farming sectors towards dairy farming have successfully made it the most profitable farming in Ireland.

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