What is the complete cost of hair transplant procedure?

Your hair is part of the body you shouldn’t take for granted. It requires good care, just like other body parts. But even with all the care, you may lose hair due to aging, medical conditions, or hereditary factors.

Losing hair comes with a great cost. Going bald or hair thinning can blow all your confidence and self-esteem. How much do you think you can pay to regain your confidence?

 Well, all you need is a hair transplant to bring back what appears like a full or even at least fuller head of hair. But not before incurring huge Hair transplant cost. After the surgery, you’ll have great looks.

You can get both FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries in an outpatient setting. The surgeon gives local anesthesia for numbing the scalp to eliminate the pain, but you remain awake during the surgery process.

Factors that affect hair transplant cost

Before embarking on hair transplant treatment, discuss with your surgeon about the whole procedure, including hair transplant cost. That helps you to decide on the treatment since many insurance service providers may not cover you.

Though hair transplant cost depends on an individual needs, several factors influence the amount you may pay for the treatment. On average, you may pay about $4000-15000 for the treatment.

Here are several factors that help to determine the cost of a hair transplant.

LocationHow many hair transplant surgeons are found within your vicinity? What about the overall cost of living? They all influence hair transplant costs. If you live in an area with multiple providers, the cost tends to be lower.

  1. Skill and experience of your surgeon

You should always seek such sensitive treatment from skilled and experienced experts. That way, you minimize risks linked to poor handling of the surgery. If a super surgeon with skills and a great deal of experience offers you hair transplant surgery, you’ll pay more. 

But high hair transplant cost doesn’t mean better services or great surgeon. That’s why you should take time and research a lot about the best surgeons and their costs. Ensure to get hair transplant surgery from a reputable service provider yet at an affordable cost.

  1. The number of grafts to be transplanted.

Do you have a patchy scalp? Or have you lost much hair? You’ll need a large number of hair follicles for transplant. The amount of hair transplanted affects hair transplant costs. Treating few patches or small areas where hair thinning has taken place costs you less than hair loss across the whole scalp. 

  1. Travelling cost

Though this isn’t something your doctor charges, you need to consider it. Sometimes you may need a hair transplant but no nearby and best service providers. That requires you to travel to big cities or even to another country to have a hair transplant from the top-rated experts. So, traveling expenses increases hair transplant cost. 

  1. Recovery cost

When figuring out hair transplant costs, you shouldn’t forget to add recovery costs. After surgery, your doctor may prescribe some vital medicals to help the healing process. That means you’ll incur extra costs.

Making follow-up visits also matter a lot. Surgery is a sensitive treatment that needs carefulness to avoid an unexpected adverse outcome. Visiting your surgeon after the procedure for a usual checkup keeps everything under watch. However, such follow-up visits aren’t free since you incur the cost. 

Though some surgeons offer follow-up services for free, you’ll spend some money on transport which becomes part of the hair transplant cost. Recovery cost also includes the time you are going to rest.

Though you can go back to your normal routine after surgery, it’s recommendable if you have few days for resting. That means you keep from your job or business for some time, affecting your income depending on your employer or the kind of job you do.

  1. The technique of hair transplant chosen.

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, you’ve two options to choose from. You may go for FUT or FUE techniques. But they differ in cost.

If you decide it’s FUT, your surgeon harvests a strip of skin with hair, extracts hair follicles, and transplants them in areas with no hair or where hair thinning has taken place. Since the procedure consumes doctors little time, the hair transplant cost can be lower at long last.

FUE hair transplant appears expensive compared to FUT because the follicle extraction process takes time. Whichever method you choose between FUE vs. FUT, the number of follicles mainly transplanted determines the cost of the procedure.

Is hair transplant cost worth it?

Are you wondering whether the amount you pay for a hair transplant is worth the procedure? The procedure isn’t cheap. You’ll have to part with 3000-15000 USD for the treatment. However, the results are excellent. 

The value of your confidence and self-esteem can’t be priced. Hair loss or thinning consumes your esteem and confidence, which can only be restored by gaining back the lost hair. But you won’t have your hair back without hair transplant surgery.

But as you seek hair transplant services, do your research well and find the best surgeon who offers quality services at an affordable price. Take advantage of discounts offered by various service providers. You may also consider undergoing surgery at a facility that allows different financing plants to cater to your hair transplant cost.


Hair transplant surgery helps to restore your lost hair. Ensure to undergo surgery from a reputable service provider to eliminate risks that may come with the treatment. You should visit your surgeon to discuss the procedure and also the hair transplant cost. All that will assist you in deciding on the surgery.



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