What is Chain Drive, Its Types, Advantages, and Applications?

A chain drive is a mechanical device that is generally used in various industries for rotating the camshaft in internal combustion engines and gears that are connected through the chain drive. They are also used for transmitting mechanical power from one location to another location.

It is one of the most effective equipment for transmitting mechanical power for rotating the parts of a machine. It is ideal to find a leading mechanical products supplier to get a high-quality drive chain, taper bush, reducers, and many others. Here are some important things that you should know about the chain drive before using it.

Types of Chain Drive

There are basically there different types of chain drives such as hoisting chains, conveyor chains, and power transmission chains. Here take a brief look at them.

· Hoisting Chains

A hoist is a mechanical device that is used for lifting a load or lowering a load. They are also used for shifting some heavy products in the workstation. A chain drive is used in this type of mechanical device that’s known as hoisting chains, which are quite durable for handling heavyweight.

· Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains are widely used in the conveyor, a mechanical device that helps to move material from one place to another. It comes in a good shape, so it can smoothly run over the sprocket.

· Power Transmission Chains

This chain is used for transmitting power. It is made of steel and has greater accuracy. It can run smoothly over the sprocket.

Advantages of Chain Drive

There are various advantages of chain drives, including:

· Chain drive requires less maintenance.

· It has greater efficiency and negligible slipping.

· It can be easily operated in wet conditions and also can withstand abrasive conditions.

· It is easy to install and doesn’t require initial tension.

· It doesn’t face any serious problems even in the fire hazards.

· There are several hafts that can be driven from a single chain drive.

· It needs less space and is more compact than the belt drive.

· It has also a high-speed ratio compare to belt drive.

· Chain drive can be operated at high temperature without facing any problem.

Applications of Chain Drive

There are several industries including the transportation industry, material handling equipment, building construction, agricultural machinery, and many others that use chain drives for different purposes. Here are some of them.

· They are used for transferring powers.

· Chain drives are usually used for lifting loads and carry materials.

· It is also used in the woodworking industry.

These are some essential things that you should know about the chain drive. You can find one of the best mechanical products suppliers for buying drive chains, and taper bushes.

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