What Are the Types of Promotional Signage?

November 17, 2021

In this digitalized world, everything is transforming with the help of innovative and advanced technology. The use of commercial signage is a very ancient thing. People use signage to guide the public. As the world is digitalizing at a swift pace. The signage is also digitalizing. Before the advanced technology, people prefer calligraphy to write the name of the business, outside the store. But now, an LED logo projector for banks is the ideal choice to display the logo to attract and guide the public.

In this article, we are going to discuss the type and the importance of promotional signage. There are a lot of types of signage in the market. It is not only the huge SMD screen that we notice on the streets. It is a vast promotional tool. We will elaborate on some of the major types of signage and the small details. Signage is the necessary and ideal technique for brand awareness. Let’s discuss the major type of promotional signage one by one.

Indoor Signage

Most of the businesses ignore indoor signage. They believe that outdoor signage is quite more noticeable and more effective. Somehow, it is correct. But, because of that we definitely could not neglect indoor signage. A good customer experience is vital. Indoor signage is ideal for customer returning strategy. Let’s take an example, people are very conscious about their health and hygiene. As the COVID afraid us already. People will feel a lot more comfortable if the brand shows care and safety to the audience. If we use a facial recognition temperature detection device on the counter of the store. This attractive and smart-looking device detects the temperature quickly. It will boost customer loyalty.

Types Of Indoor Signage

  1. Floating Magnetic Shoe:

    It is the most attractive piece of promotional tool. You can display the most attractive and unique piece of product on the magnetic display. It will look very charming and it is one of the ideal devices to grab attention.

  2. Interactive Floor Projector:

    It is the most advanced technology that is used for promotion. Its high sensing accuracy and quick reaction time of just 0.01 seconds are incredible.

  3. Digital Advertising Mirror:

    A two-in-one promotional tool. It will display the advertisement content. When no advertising media is displayed, it will automatically turn into a mirror.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage draws more customers to the business. It is ideal for promotion. Either its startups or renowned brands. Outdoor signage is essential for every business. Outdoor signage is ideal to drive potential customers to the brand. It gives the customer ideas about what to expect from their brands.

Types Of Outdoor Signage


  1. Stretched LED Header:

    To highlight the essential information, stretched LED is the ideal tool. It looks extremely attractive. You can display it on the outside of your brand. It will work as the crown of your brand.

  2. SMD Display:

    Introduce the brand or the product in the most attractive way. The wider, broader, and brighter SMD display is amazing for brand awareness. You can place the huge SMD on the busy roads. The attractive graphics grab the eyes and drive more customers to the brand.

  3. LED Logo Projector:

    It is crucial to display the identity of the brand in a more attractive way. If it is a bank, inform the public about the brand. The use of the LED logo projector for banks is the most ideal method. It looks exceptional and attracts more eyes. 

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