What Are The Types Of Kitchen Lighting ?

Everyone wants to decorate their home and give a luxurious and compliment the able look with the best lightings, furniture, and interior designs but a maximum number of people underestimate the interior of the kitchen and doesn’t make it more attractive and doesn’t uses the best quality lighting for their kitchen. The most obvious reason as to why kitchen lighting is so essential is that to maximize the visibility in the working area.

Well, place ceiling spotlights help to illuminate work tops for food preparation, whereas under unit or cabinet lighting styles assist darker spot within the kitchen.

You can do so with a combination of the chandelier, pendant light, recessed lighting, and flush mount but you can use ambient lighting also for the kitchen. Incandescent lights provide soft and warm yellowish light usually used for recessed cans or cob downlights.  Here you can buy cob downlights.

Halogen light produces a crisp white light that is appropriate for task lighting, fluorescent light which has a long life and low energy use, now comes in many different shades from warm to cool. Determine the foot candles by room type or room purpose. A foot candle is how bright a light is one foot away from its source. Generally, kitchen need only 30-40 foot candle but at the kitchen stove it needs 70-80 foot candle.

A single strip of track lighting can brighten up a lot more of the kitchen than many other lighting solutions. For best and quality results you must consider LED track lighting since it offers potent, long-lasting illumination while energy efficient. For example, 2000K-3000K lighting is best for the bedroom since the lighting us yellowish and soft.

A kitchen need warm coloured bulb ranging from 3000K- 4000K. Recessed lighting, flush mount, semi flush mount ceiling lights are popular choice for small kitchens since they don’t take up too much room. Another option is to use lighting in overlooked spaces such as under cabinet lighting.

Pendant lighting:

It is also known as a drop suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord or metal rod. It is also used in countertops, bathrooms, dinette set etc. The greatest disadvantage of the pendant light is the same as their advantage. They hang down from the ceiling. They can get in the way and need to be limited areas where people won’t be walking unless your kitchen has a ceiling that are more than 8 feet high. Have look at best led light manufacturer in India.

Recessed lights:

Recessed lights disappear into the ceiling and help preserve a sense of openness and space. Many people prefer them because they seem to need less cleaning. They might be a good choice for those reasons, particularly if your kitchen is a finished room.

Surface lights:

It can range from a small mushroom fixture that holds a single bulb to 2′-4′ fluorescent fixture with multiple tubes because on the surface, there is no issue with the integrity of the ceiling, or of what’s in the space above it.







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