What are the Main Benefits of FUE Hair Transplantation Over FUT?

Becoming bald is an incrementally growing issue among the youth, and some older people, in most communities. Indeed, that could drive anyone crazy, couldn’t it?! Although it is not the same in every country, one could safely see that some folks in each nation deem baldness as embarrassing. Below are some of the pros of fue hair transplant over FUT.

Merits of FUE Hair Transplant Over FUT

No Extended Mark

FUE has the profit of evading the linear scar left by FUT. Personal follicular units are extracted, leaving only tiny dot scars hardly observable to the naked eye. That makes it excellent for those who wish to return immediately to arduous exercise.

Comfortable for Patients

FUE method is a technique that does not need any scalpel to get the hair follicles for use in the bald area. That makes this method very comfortable to use, especially after the procedure, since no pain or scars are left. That is not the problem when it comes to the FUT procedure.

Capacity to Use Short Hair

Since FUE leaves minimal scarring, it is expressly suitable for people who like to keep their hair short, such as a number 1 or number 2 haircut. If you wish for short hairstyles after the procedure, then this method is for you.

Short Recovery Period

The follicular Unit Extraction method has a Short recovery period. After about five or even one week of using this method, you can go back to your normal activities. The results are very impressive, and many patients who have used these procedures have praised them.

It has fewer chances of side effects, although this depends on the body reaction of each patient. With few scars left on the scalp, you can face other people with a lot of confidence. That is so unlike the FUT procedure that takes a lot of time to recover.

Suitable for Relatively Tiny Transplants 

FUE may be fit for younger patients or those who only require a relatively small quantity of unions in the hairline. Having said that, check the requirements for both procedures. Below are the needs of those who are fit for a fue hair transplant over FUT.

The Youths

Are you a youth who have noticed some signs of hair loss or thinning? Well, visit a physician to start your fue hair transplant immediately. The follicular Unit Extraction procedure prescribes typically for folks who are in their twenties. So don’t stress yourself so much on which approach to use. Visit the physician and get ready to start the treatment process.

Are you asking yourself why the youths? That is because most fellows typically tend to change their hairstyles over time. Since the fue procedure leaves little scars on the scalp, most youths opt for this method because they can resume their activities without noticing their scalp changes.
It helps to boost their confidence when chatting with their colleagues. Advertising for young people has made FUE procedure more popular than FUT that does not give youths such an option.

Suitable for People with Small Baldness

If you have small baldness, then FUE is all you need. This procedure can harvest as many as 2000 grafts from the giver region and later plant into the bald part. That is so unlike the FUT method; that only fits people with long baldness and requires a lot of hair. 

Ideal for People with Short Hair for the Implant

The follicular Unit Extraction procedure is the best for people who have short hair. That is unlike its competitor, which advocates for people with long hair only. So, if you have short hair, FUE is the way to go.
The fue hair transplant gives the best results and boosts your confidence. You can change your appearance by using a fue procedure for your hair repair if you have hair thinning issues or hair loss.

Despite analyzing the above requirements and benefits, it is advisable to see a physician if you notice any change in your hair. It might even be a sign of severe health issues.
You can imagine the stress and damage you can cause to yourself if you realize you treated the wrong disease or used the wrong method. It wastes your money and time and risks yourself from being attacked by other health issues in the near future.
For you to get the best results, ensure you consult your surgeon first. You will be given counseling and steps to follow before and after the actual procedure.

Final Thoughts

FUE hair transplant has been used for ages now. As you have seen above, it comes with a lot of benefits compared to FUT. Even choosing the best plan for hair repair is not a piece of cake. There are variations between the two ways but, if you wish for short hair, choose FUE hair transplant.


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