What are the house cleaning myths believed by people?

October 5, 2021

In today’s world, when we are hit with a pandemic, cleaning has become crucial. And when it is about cleaning, there are numerous misconceptions or rather myths about it.

These are either regarding the cleaning practices being followed for ages or about the cleaning products. Hence getting educated about these myths about the methods and products will definitely help you make your home a shiner and germ-free space.


Decoding cleaning myths

Cleaning practices and habits differ from home to home. Some people prefer to clean on a periodic basis like every week, and there are others who clean the house only when there is a change of season, or there is a big event at home.

There are some who are slightly more concerned for obsessive about cleaning and hence are involved in cleaning practices or habits on a daily basis.

These house owners often get confused between choosing the right cleaning product for the cleaning service solutions as there are many misconceptions or lips prevalent regarding the house cleaning.

 Many people borrow Christmas loans and purchase new houses but do not keep it clean. It is essential to keep your house clean and tidy.


House cleaning myths

1.     Bleach is all surface cleaner for your home

This is one of the common misconceptions about cleaning that bleach can be used for all the surfaces in the home. Yes, it kills germs quickly but is not so effective or efficient in cleaning the built-up surfaces.

Moreover, bleach can be unsafe to use at home with your children or pets around, primarily when used in strong concentrations.


2.     Your favourite cleaner will do all the cleaning jobs

One of the standard practices that people do is get a bottle of their preferred cleaning product for the agent and start using it for all and every cleaning task. There are some products that are great for one task but may actually be terrible for others.

Therefore, you should know the kind of surface or which type of cleaning. Read the label, understand your product and then choose the right cleaning product for which suits the surfaces you want to clean or cleaning jobs you want to do.


3. Cleaning products should be wiped off immediately

There are many cleaning products available in the market that are required to be sprayed over the surface and then wiped off the surface, but some others are also required to be left over the surface before wiping off.

Letting over the surface allows the product to set and absorb over a surface, properly sanitizing and cleaning the surface. Hence, it is essential to read the usage instructions of your cleaning product before using it.


4. Bleach works best with hot water

Bleach and hot water combination are some of the common cleaning misconceptions.  People believe that mixing hot water with bleach makes perfect cleaning products. However, it is not true.

Mixing hot water with bleach turns white into a yellowish tint and hence leaves yellow stains on surfaces, predominantly white or light-coloured ones. Hence bleach and water should not be used together.


5. Vinegar is a disinfectant that can kill germs better than other cleaners

Vinegar is considered a good disinfectant, and a cleaning agent is another misconception about cleaning products. Yes, at times, vinegar can help remove the thick guck layer formed on the surfaces, but it does not kill germs.

Vinegar is helpful in some situations but useless in most others. It is better and preferable to choose a suitable cleaning product or agent for cleaning surfaces in your home.


6. More quantity means better cleanliness

When it comes to cleaning clothes, a common myth is that adding or consuming more detergent will help in better cleaning. At times, we all know that adding extra washing detergent helps when it is about heavily soiled clothing.

But not true when washing a regular amount of clothes. Even without extra detergent, the clothes will get cleaned after washing, but if you use extra detergent, it leaves soap residue over the clothes, which further needs to be washed off.


7. Green product is safe to use

A commonly known notion is that green label products are safer to use. At the same time, it is not that a green-labelled product is safe to use for your home surfaces with your children around. Hence it is best to read the label and ingredients before using them.

Even though all ingredients are not listed on the product label, still you would be able to make a good guess about what the product is made of and whether it is safe to use or not.


8. If it smells clean, it is clean

One of the biggest myths is that if the area smells flowery or fresh, it means that it is clean. This could be because of a deodorizer or from a fragrance holder and not because of the actual cleanliness of the area. In reality, the clean area is odourless. 

The odour is usually from the cleaning agent/product or some fragrance chemical used in that area or over the surface. Therefore, you should not be fooled merely on account of fragrance coming from the area, while in reality, the surface could be full of germs.


These are just some of the misconceptions or myths regarding cleaning which we have cracked. Believing these myths would not let you use the appropriate cleaning product or methods.

You should keep your house clean and take up feasible and affordable methods at the same time. Do not fall for false notions and take advantage of the home cleaning services available in the market.

Hence, it is better to educate yourself about these myths and make a habit of researching before adopting cleaning methods and cleaners. If you are aware of the truth about these services, it will be easier for you to keep your house clean and keep it tidy all the time.

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