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November 17, 2021

How do I estimate the weight of my furniture?

It is possible to estimate the weight of furniture without actually picking it up if you know its measurements. To figure out how much something will weigh, measure its length width and depth (in inches) and multiply those figures together to get the number of cubic feet. The next step is to multiply that figure with the weight per cubic foot of the material your piece is made out of.

For instance, you own an average-sized chair that measures 15″ W x 30″ D x 38″ H. The weight per cubic foot for plastic ranges from 25 pounds to 65 pounds, with lighter plastics having very low numbers. Divide 65 by 38, which equals 1.76923077, so the figure is going to be a little more than one cubic foot. Finally, multiply that number by 25 pounds for a total weight of approximately 188 pounds.

Are sectional sofas are heavy?

Yes, sectional sofas are heavy. When you purchase one, it will weigh close to 100 pounds. They are also very cumbersome because of the weight and their size. Therefore, when you purchase a sectional sofa, make sure you have the manpower and the truck to get it home.

Are sectional sofas hard to assemble?

Yes, they are very difficult to assemble. They come in many pieces which need to be put together using tools that may or may not be included in your package. Sometimes, you require providing your own tools. The pieces of the sectional sofa are also heavy and bulky which make it extremely difficult for an average person to assemble them alone. The final product can be unstable and unsafe if not assembled properly.

What should be the weight of sectional sofa?

Sectional sofas are also available in various sizes. A few of the most popular sectional sofas are 82 inches long, 84 inches long, and 88 inches long. The weight of  a sectional sofa is about 544-600 lbs depending on its size.


Most of the sectional sofas are made from hardwood and MDF, which is a type of wood fibreboard. Weight of MDF varies with density. The average density of MDF used to make a furniture product is 1150 kg/m3. If the density is less, then it means that sectional sofa will be lighter.

How much weight can the couch hold?

The amount of weight a couch can hold depends on the frame and base of the sofa as well as how many bolts it has. Generally, most couches will have three bolts going through them – one somewhere in between each arm and another located just beneath where the rear section of the couch hits the base. A ¾” bolt with a minimum lag-screw driver slot depth will support a maximum load capability of 250 pounds per connection/bolt, so if your couch had four connections, 1500lbs could be applied to it – not counting any additional supports.

Better constructed couches might have five or six bolts supporting them which would allow for higher loads up to a maximum of 2500 pounds. It should be noted that couches with a plywood base and metal bases will not support the same amount of weight as couches with a solid wood base.

As well, just because your couch says it’s rated for 1000lbs doesn’t mean that if you were to sit on it that it would hold your weight. The weight of the couch, along with additional furniture and people sitting on it could cause it to collapse at a much lower amount than what was stated as the maximum.



As you can see, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to estimating the weight of your furniture. You need to take into account density and other factors before coming up with an estimate.


If you want help calculating these numbers or if this is something that will be important for your business, we recommend asking someone at the store where you purchased it how they would go about figuring out its weight (or checking their website). It’s always better to provide accurate information than guess!


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