Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost Guide

For the wedding, brides focus on looking their best version. There are multiple kinds of hair and makeup styles to choose from, based on harmony with face shape, complexion, skin type, and personal preference. Yet, before making the choice, it is important to consider the hair and makeup cost guide as well. 

In this article, you would get details on the options available and the typical cost average, to make your decision. 

Trending wedding hair looks that you must try

Here are the best wedding hairstyles to try out for the big day. 

  • French Twist Hair 

This type of hairstyle is a classy and chic look for brides and a common ‘go-to choice’ for many. Brides have the option to select a messier French twist, with looser strands. Or, they can ask the stylist to make the hair look smoother. 

In the front, they can decide to arrange some strands framing your face and push them back into the twist. 

  • High bun

Many hairstylists create this look with the long hair tied into a clean bun higher at the back of the head. Keeping some loose strands in the front frames the face appropriately and adds dimension to the hairstyle. For volume, adding a small roller in the bun is effective.

  • Half-up and Half-down

One highly popular Wedding Hair is the half hair up and half hair hairstyle. The overall feel of this stylized type is gentle and natural-looking. Here, stylists use bundles or braids to remove any hair from the front. 

The hair on the crown area is combed back and tied behind into a small bun. Leave the rest of the hair open and flowing down the back. For additional effect, stylists add embellishments to the tied portion; use a small accessory.  

  • Long Wedding ponytail

Many brides opt for the gentle hairstyle of a long ponytail, with brushed back hair in the crown area. This adds slight volume; although, some women prefer the slicked-back appearance. Moreover, the tail end of the hair in this ponytail style is brushed carefully to keep the correct shape. 

Here, keeping some loose strands in the front is good for creating a natural look. Keep in mind that this applies mainly to the softly brushed back hairstyle, not the sleek long ponytail version. 

  • Mermaid Braids

Hairstylists often create the mermaid braid hairstyle for the bride for a simplistic and romantic appearance. Here, adding some false hair should give volume to the overall braiding.

What is the best wedding makeup look to choose?

The following are some of the best wedding makeup looks to choose from for the bride.

  • Sheer face with slim liner

Makeup artists provide this makeup look for a natural appearance, with a thin lining of the eyes. Adding long fake eyelashes enhances the appearance of the face, while makeup artists keep the rest of the face almost bare. 

Here, you can flaunt a natural-shade lip color in nudes or light pink to complete the look. 

  • Bronze makeup with red lip-color

For this look, the professionals add definition to the eyes and add an overall bronzed glow to the face and eyes. To complement it, a deep red lipstick completes the entire appearance. 

  • Classic neutral

The neutral makeup look is a popular choice for many women, even for their weddings. Here, you can wear nude lipstick in a shade that suits your skin tone and apply a smokey eye look. 

  • Retro with golden eyeshadow

Many of the brides opt for the retro style of makeup. Here, makeup artists put more focus on the eyes, with a graphically shaped liner. Plus, gold eyeshadow that was popular in the retro years is acceptable here. 

  • Subtle glow with Mauve Shades

In this makeup look, the makeup professionals create the overall face look with a soft glow. You can have a soft definition in the eyes with a light application of liner. The focal point here is the lips, with dusty mauve coloring.

How many days before should I book my hair and makeup appointment?

It is fair to book your makeup or hair appointment for a bridal makeover around three months in advance. 

At this point, research all the options available and their reviews. For quick makeup help on the wedding day,  you should mainly consider the salons close to the wedding venue. Also, evaluate the cost differences and interview your final choices. 

How much is the cost of doing hair and makeup?

In the context of the hair and Makeup Cost Guide, you would notice that the average bridal package rate differs from place to place. 

For example, the estimated cost of bridal makeup and hair is $300. Depending on the location and package preference, it varies between $150 to $600. 

In India, such rate distinction is visible based on location, makeup artist valuation, store cost rules, and bridal makeup type. Approximately, the cost of hiring these professionals ranges between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 35,000 (in Indian states) for each function. 

Plus, the prices for different services vary as well. For example, the average rate of a massage or spa treatment before the wedding is $70. On the other hand, facials range around $65, and manicure/pedicure around $20-$40. For the Mehendi application, the average value revolves around $75 approximately.

How to book my hair and makeup appointment at Zoylee? 

Firstly, you need to download the Online salon booking app- Zoylee on your preferred device. Then, log into your account on Zoylee. Set your preferred location and search down the list for the salon and service you want, like makeup or hair. 

Out of the available options, select one salon and/or service you wish to avail of. Furthermore, you would get different discounts and offers as a Zoylee app user. Choose one that applies to your purchase and book the appointment after choosing your payment option. 

Also, set your date and time of appointment through the app. 


Altogether, you should book your hairstyling and makeup appointment ahead of time with certified and trustworthy professionals. They can create attractive bridal looks for you and offer customer-oriented care and support. 

Here, booking an appointment from the app is easier and you would get multiple choices as well. Yet, research your options thoroughly first.

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