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Website Security Scan is a comprehensive online tool that checks various websites for any potential security problems that can compromise their privacy and security. These days, hackers keep targeting these sites to exploit for their own personal profit. Hence, it’s important to raise the defense wall against these dangerous acts by installing effective software and running them on a regular basis. By installing a website scanning tool, you not only ensure your website’s security by checking for potential threats and vulnerabilities but also maintain your PC’s performance and keep your system virus free. This not only keeps your system protected but also help you maintain your online productivity efficiently.


One of the most common website security scans performed by most of the users is a SQL Injection attack. This is usually performed by executing a targeted SQL injection on a web server or a network of computers. With the help of SQL Injection, a hacker can gain access to a database and make changes to the information by using the vulnerable computer’s privileges. For instance, if an employee of a company places web requests using his username and password, he may be able to access the sensitive information stored in his database. This would give an opportunity to the hacker to steal his company’s confidential data or use the same database for another purpose.


Another common cause for security vulnerabilities in websites is Flash and Java vulnerabilities. While some of these infections may not lead to severe consequences, they do create a lot of problems such as slowing down of your PC, browser crashing and several other problems which are very inconvenient and time consuming to solve. By running a website security scan regularly, you can prevent such threats and you can easily identify the infected websites and clean them to improve your PC’s performance and keep your system virus free. By running a website scan tool regularly, you can also stop these malicious codes and keep your PC clean from infections.

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