Ways to Choose a Salwar Kameez for Different Occasions

November 25, 2021

Most of the women are not sure what to wear according to the nature of an upcoming occasion. The occasions are special and if you are thinking about wearing a beautiful salwar kameez, then it should be clear to you there is a huge variety of salwar kameez available in the marketplace. Choosing the best salwar kameez can be a difficult task for women, but if you have little knowledge about fashion and clothing, the task can become a little easier for you.

In this article, we are discussing how to wear a salwar kameez according to the nature of a function or an event.

The timing of the event: 

The most important thing when choosing a salwar kameez for an occasion is to learn about the timing of the function. There is a completely different perspective of coloring and style for night functions as compared to the day functions. For the day functions lighter colors of the salwar kameez would be best as compared to night functions, where it is better to wear a little darker coloring. The nature of function also determines the number of embellishments and the embroidery on your salwar kameez, the dressing should be according to the nature of the function.  

Learn about your body shape: 

There are all kinds of salwar kameez in the market, but you need to purchase clothing according to your body shape. Your body shape would determine the type of salwar kameez, for example, if you have an apple shape body then an Anarkali salwar kameez can be best for your appearance, if you have an athletic body shape then lighter tighter shirts of salwar kameez can make you prettier as it would expose your body figure to the audience, and everybody would learn, you are maintaining an athletic body and have a waist of less than 28 inches. Your body shape would be the ultimate point to choose a salwar and kameez. Women may have different body shapes like Rectangular body shape, Square body shape, Hourglass body shape, Apple body shape, Pear body shape. All these body shapes require different clothing, to look smarter and fresh.

The illusion of the clothing:

The plain colors would provide an illusion of height and make you look higher than you actually are, the scattered prints would increase the width of your body. The concentrated colors are also used to increase the illusion of your height and smartness, you would look smarter to wear the concentrated coloring. The black colors would make you smarter, and if you have a plus-size body, it would make you a little thinner in the eyes of the viewer. The bright coloring would present a wider body look, these colors would be best if you rectangle shape the body or an athlete’s outlook.

Purchase the salwar kameez knowing which type of illusion, you need to create while wearing it, if you are not aware of the illusion of the salwar kameez read it from the internet so you can inquire from a friend, familiar with the illusion of the clothing.

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