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Class 12th or the graduation class plays a very important role in the entire school life of all the students, Class 12th students are young adults who have just entered their adolescence trying their level best to be able to perform well with the peer pressure and societal norms over marks expectations. VidyaSetu Learning Online classes for class 12 are recommended by teachers nation-wide as the best alternative to offline classes. 

Due to the current pandemic covid-19, students are lacking their regular classes and proper guidance from their teachers or private tuitions. Hence, Online classes for class 12 came into the spotlight as it was exactly providing the needs and wants of every student who will be giving their class 12th board exams this year.

Although CBSE and many other state boards have reduced the Class 12 syllabus 2020-21 by 30 % reducing various topics from difficult chapters and also providing an extra one month for preparation as the class 12th Board Exams will begin from April’21 which earlier used to begin in March’21. With regular efforts of the Ministry of education trying to provide all necessary resources needed by the students, online classes for class 12 emerged as a game-changer and came as a savior for students struggling to get hold of their studies and were getting stressed every passing minute.          


How and why are these Online Classes helpful-       

The advantages and benefits of online classes are multiple and varied. Online classes are accessible and available to students even in distant or remote locations, it kills the myth that education can happen only in schools and colleges. With online classes, students can learn anywhere at any time. 

Let us list down the reasons why online classes are highly recommended and are day by day changing the stature of the education system.

  1. Easily accessible to all irrespective of caste, gender, nationality, rich or poor.
  2. Exposure is huge in online classes as you can be taught by a teacher teaching from miles away. 
  3. The faculty and study material (notes, solutions, sample papers, question papers, etc) are all promising and help students in practicing every day.
  4. The distraction in online classes is zero as there won’t be anyone around to disturb you while you are focusing on your classes.

So it is clearly evident how the benefits of online classes can help each and every student during these tough times of Covid-19.

Vidya Setu – Free Online Classes For Class 12 CBSE

Seeing the scope and growing popularity of online classes for class 12 students, there has been a sudden increase in online classes service providers, with an urgent increase most of these classes lack the basic requirements to be the best online classes for class 12 commerce, science, or arts leading to disappointed students as they get frustrated from these classes.

VidyaSetu Learning is one such online class for class 12th and 11th providers, which understands the need of every student, be it intelligent or weak in their studies. The Vidya Setu learning online classes are free of cost with the best teachers and trustable study material. The NCERT solutions for class 11th and 12th can be obtained from VidyaSetu learning online classes for free. 


Let us understand how the VidyaSetu Learning online classes for class 12 is better than any other online classes for class 12.



VIDYA SETU Learning 




It is absolutely free of cost, free online classes for class 12 CBSE

Byju’s online classes for class 12 are not free of cost and charges more than the minimal fees

A lot of students ask if the Vedantu app is free, but just like byju’s Vedantu also charges fees for their online classes.


The faculty at Vidya setu is experienced and expertise in their classes. 

As claimed by the portal, their teachers are experienced 

The teachers at Vedantu or not are subject-centric, and one teacher teaches multiple subjects. 

Mode of teaching

Youtube Video lectures, can be saved and rewatched by the students during the time of need

Online Classes 

Online and Live Classes


Can be accessed by anybody without paying any amount. Hence, accessible to all

Accessible only to those who can pay fees, hence it is partial towards the poor section of society 

Accessible only to those who can pay fees, hence it is partial towards a poor section of society 

Problem Solving

The problem solving is available to all, students can ask questions in the comments 

The problem solving is in live classes hence students get shy away from asking for help.

The problem solving is in live classes hence students get shy away from asking for help.

Vidyasetu Learning – Fees, Reviews, Classes

Online classes for class 12 commerce are provided by Vidya setu in the form of Video Lectures, free online classes for class 12 CBSE are taught by the faculty expertise in the field of commerce and especially in the subject of Accountancy, Business Studies, and economics. CBSE class 12 crash course online is available at the VidyaSetu for students to revise their respective subjects last minute. 

Online classes for class 12 are provided by the VidyaSetu Learning FREE OF COST, there are no charges at all. Students need to visit the VidyaSetu official website or can directly go to Vidyasetu. Youtube channel to access all Video lectures and Online Classes for class 12. 



“I joined VidaSetu after getting completely confused by other online portals, my grades increased tremendously after studying from VidaSetu, its free online classes are the best alternative available online.”- Shashank Mukherjee


“Joined VidyaSetu during the lockdown, I was able to complete my entire course much before school and is now ready for exams without any hesitation and stress.”- Ridhi Khandelwal


Frequently Asked Questions- 

Q1. Is coaching required for Class 12?

Ans- It differs from student to student although the due to current Pandemic situation, schools are unable to provide required resources and classes, hence online classes for class 12 are necessary. 

Q2. Which are better Byju, Vedantu, or Vidya setu?

Ans- As we have seen the differences above the VidyaSetu learning is free of cost and provides better services. Hence, Vidya setu is better.

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