Value-Based Education for Young Kids

A school is a place where a child not only gains knowledge but also develops values of morality and discipline. A good school trains children cognitively, physically, as well as psychologically. Quality education is believed to be provided to children when they are taught to develop tendencies for life-long learning and self-development. A good school makes sure that each child receives the individual attention that caters to their respective needs. Not all children learn equally and thus have to receive specific instructions directed to improve their learning processes. When it comes to providing education to young children, it is often noticed that schools fill up a large number of classrooms and the teacher is unable to provide individual attention to everyone. This leads to a dysfunctional class where only a top few children thrive under preferential treatment and the rest of the herd lose interest in learning altogether. Many parents complain that their children are not doing well as they are not receiving enough attention in class. Child psychologists have established that children perform well when they are given strategic positive reinforcement which is possible only when they receive proper attention. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that the strength of classrooms, especially for young children, is low so that they can get proper attention from their teachers.

When we talk about the education of young minds, it is important that more focus is given to their value-based learning instead of their grades. Though the marks obtained by children is an important aspect in order to track their performances and learning, but the inculcation of core values must be the top-most priority to ensure that children take with them lessons for life. The three core values, extremely important for the education of young children are:   

Confidence: Confidence is believed to be the key to success for every individual. If people trust themselves enough to achieve what they set their eyes on, they are bound to succeed. When confidence is inculcated among young children from the beginning onwards, they develop a sense of self-respect and become self-motivated to achieve success in life. Such children do not work hard for the sake of appearances and apparent success but do so to make their lives better and serve society.

Curiosity: Young children are inherently quite curious. When this curiosity is developed in a guided manner, children tend to receive knowledge, not for the sake of marks, but for the sake of knowledge itself. Such attitudes help them develop the spirit of life-long learning which is believed to be the foundation of living a fulfilling and happy life.

Kindness: The world has been experiencing enough hatred already. If we train young minds to be kind towards other human beings and the environment, we can hope for a better world in the future. Children must be taught to learn from everyone in spite of physical, social, or cultural differences so that the world of the future is one of peace and harmony.

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