Typical Applications for Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel flowmeters are used to control the flow of liquids. They have three parts: the paddlewheel sensor, the pipe fitting, and the controller. The meter itself has a flexible wheel that has magnets in it. The wheel is related to the flow of liquids and will move when put in the flowing path. As the magnets in the blades rotate over the meter, the paddlewheel produces a speed and energy related to the flow rate.

When the flow rate is quick, the speed and energy become high as well. The Metri paddlewheel is made to be created to be put into a pipe fitting. The style used to insert the paddlewheel is either in-line or insertion. These styles are widely available. The paddlewheel meter is cost-effective and has high accuracy levels.

Typical Applications for Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel flowmeters work well with clean liquids and are not suitable for gases. The typical applications of these meters are accurate measurements of preset liquid volumes in the system. You can as well use them to verify flow and to control the chemical metering pump. They are also used in irrigation systems.

Advantages of Paddlewheel Flow Meters

The Cost of Accuracy

Paddlewheel flowmeters are popular due to their high accuracy levels. They are cost-effective, and it is easy to maintain them. If you want to reach your accuracy levels, you should go for more advanced paddlewheel flow meters. These modern meters measure up to 1% in the full-scale range reading.

They are Easy to Install

Paddle switch has many advantages if you compare it to other flow meters. They can measure the flow of liquids horizontally or vertically. You can buy these meters with a complete sensor, display, and a pipe fitting. They are also easy to install in a pipe fitting.

Battery or AC Operated

Paddlewheel flowmeters are popular because you can use them using common batteries. You will not need electricity to operate them. These batteries are modern and can last up to one year. When you are replacing these batteries, it is easy because the meter will not be damaged. These meters are also capable of batch process control, analog output, and remote readouts. Paddlewheel meters are also flexible, and you will enjoy using them.

They are Versatile Meters

These meters are popular because you can use them in many applications. Paddlewheel flowmeters work well with thick fluids as long as the flow is turbulent. These meters are also able to have remote readouts that is why they are popular.


The paddle and the axle of the meter are directly related to the fluids. These parts of the paddlewheel flow meter wear over time because of that contact. Since every liquid is different, it is hard to estimate how long the parts will last. Always make sure that the resistance of the parts to the chemical or fluids used.

You can easily replace the axle and paddle, so you should not worry. These meters need constant maintenance because a neglected meter will give inaccurate measurements. The maintenance cost should not make you not use these meters. The reason is that every meter requires proper maintenance for them to work well.

Maximize Paddlewheel Performance

The accuracy of paddlewheel flow meters is affected if the flow drops below one foot per second. Make sure not to use this meter on dirty liquids because they can destroy the paddle or axle. Always follow the seller’s installation advice for better results. If you do not follow the instructions, the performance of the meter may be affected.


Paddlewheel flowmeters are cheap and easy to install. If you need high accuracy levels, these meters are best for you. Comparing the paddlewheel flowmeter with other meters is the best due to the overall cost. Make sure you ask for advice from the manufacturers if you have problems in choosing the right meter.

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