Types of Dining Tables For Your Cafe Or Resto

Your guests will spend less time waiting for a seat if you have a well-balanced mix of table types and sizes. Compared to a three-course dinner menu, a fast food or pizzeria meal will require less dining space per person at the table.

A coffee shop’s tables are smaller than a family dining restaurant’s tables. When choosing your tables, keep in mind the amount of floor space you have available in your restaurant. In addition, weather-resistant furniture will be required for outdoor dining areas.

However, if you don’t put as much effort into the tables you choose to enhance your customers’ dining experience, you risk having a disjointed encounter. Whatever table you pick adds to the restaurant or cafe experience, from the aesthetic design of how the tables integrate into the general ambiance of your restaurant or cafe to the practical use of the table itself.


Types of Dining Tables

Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular tables are the most common dining table shape because of their functionality and versatility. Depending on the length of the table, it can seat 6-12 people. Rectangles are a more practical shape since they can be expanded endlessly.

Its strong lines give it a formal appearance, and in a long and narrow space, a rectangular table is ideal for filling the emptiness. However, this style of dining table isn’t as large as it appears. However, a rectangular dining table is very popular in restaurants as it can accommodate more people and is not usually used in cafes. 


Oval Dining Table

Oval and circular tables, like rectangular and square dining tables, have features in common. This table is a hybrid of a rectangle and a round shape, with two more straight sides and rounded ends, combining the best of both worlds.

Choosing chairs with cove-backs to retain arcs in an oval’s shape is also a good choice. It complements the whole look of an oval table which is perfect for your restaurants.

If you’re looking for a long, narrow dining table, an oval, like rectangles, is a wonderful choice. However, if you’re looking for a dining table for a small space, circular shapes are often wider and more suited to large dining rooms or kitchens.


Square Dining Table

Small dining rooms, narrow rooms, and tight spaces benefit from square-shaped dining tables. Square dining tables, like round tables, do not take up a lot of room. It is, without a doubt, the most basic shape for a dining table and is mostly used in cafes.              

The square dining table is the finest option for a family of four or six. Because everyone is at the same distance from one another at a square table, talks are more relaxed and satisfying.


Wood Dining Table

A wood dining table is a traditional option for a dining table. A wood dining table is never antiquated or old, no matter what the latest dining table trends are; it merely evolves.

Whether round, rectangular, or square, a wooden dining table complements any style of home design. Select a wooden dining table that not only complements but also enhances the color scheme of your restaurant or cafe. Stylish linens and ornamental plates can also be used to dress up your wooden dining table.

The most significant benefit of a wooden dining table is that it is extremely durable and stable. They survive longer than any other sort of dining table because of their resilience. You may also change the look of your wooden dining table whenever you like. You can periodically alter the finish and repaint the table to give it a fresh look.


Marble Dining Table

Marble is common for kitchen countertops, but its lovely, rich tone makes it a luxury for dining tables. A marble dining table is ideal for individuals who desire a strong, sturdy, textured surface that is also easy to maintain. It works well with traditional, modern, and even contemporary interiors.

However, because marble is a soft porous stone, it can be discolored or scratched. To keep its nice appearance, it must be sealed and resealed. Because the marble surface does not react well to extreme temperature variations, avoid placing very hot or icy pots and containers directly on it.



Restaurant and cafe tables are crucial components of any location, whether you manage a simple cafe or a sophisticated dining business. These tables complete your eating space and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit a wide range of decor styles. Choose tops with eye-catching texture to create visual appeal to your area, or go for more neutral options to let other elements of your design speak for themselves.

Creating a welcoming dining environment that promotes a positive client experience is a good idea and a good business choice. When diners form an emotional bond with a restaurant or cafe, its value rises by more than 25%. So make sure you take consideration in choosing the right resto and cafe furniture



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