Troubleshoot Credit Card Reader Not Working In QuickBooks POS

October 28, 2021

Through its LED Display, the QuickBooks Card Reader makes it easy for customers and their clients to see payment and tip amounts. Customers may verify tips and totals using sensors located directly on the display.

The new card reader, which uses the newest QuickChip internal processors, makes it simple and quick for consumers to collect payments.

Activating and Deactivating the QuickBooks Payments Reader

Keep the power button on the side of the reader, near the green qb logo, depressed. When the reader beeps and the LED display illuminates, you’ll know it’s turned on.

To switch off the reader, press and hold the power button until the LED display goes off.

Connecting Your GoPayment App to Your Card Reader

✅ Check that your mobile device’s bluetooth is turned on.

✅ Switch on your card reader.

✅ Sign in to your device’s GoPayment app.

✅ After GoPayment discovers your card reader, choose it.

✅ To pair with the reader, your device may ask for your permission.

✅ Your card reader has been successfully linked! It will be listed under My Card Readers.

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Your card reader has been successfully linked! It will be listed under My Card Readers. You may check the reader’s connection status and battery level by selecting the arrows on the reader.

How Do You Accept Money for a New Sale?

✅ Begin by opening the GoPayment app and going to the home screen.

✅ To create a sales receipt, tap (+) and then New Sale.

✅ Enter the amount and description on the keypad. Alternatively, if you have things saved in GoPayment, you can choose one of them.

✅ If you have additional items to enter individually, choose Add to enter this one and continue on to the next.

✅ When you’ve finished entering all of the products, click the Review Order.

✅ Check that all of your quantities are right on the order review screen. You can also make changes such as adding sales tax, discounts, or information about the products or client.

✅ When you’re finished, click Charge, then choose your card reader.

✅ The selling amount is visible to both you and your consumer.

✅ Your buyer completes the sale on the card reader by utilising the payment method of their choice.

Please keep in mind that the GoPayment app provides all relevant information in the event of a processing issue.

What Payment Methods are Compatible with the QuickBooks Payments Reader?

The reader accepts chip cards, tap cards, and tap-to-pay digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How to Use a Chip-Enabled Card on a Reader

Use the reader display with the face up.

Insert the card with the chip facing up, so that it can be read by the reader.

This is in contrast to prior QuickBooks card readers, which had the chip facing down.

Use the Reader with a Tap-to-Pay Card or a Digital Wallet

Tap the payment card or mobile device against the reader’s front face.

Aim for the middle of the LED display for the greatest results.

Use the tap symbol on your card to aim towards the middle of the display.

The QuickBooks card reader does not support swipe cards. Instead, manually enter the card number into your payment app. It should be noted that the charge for manually inserted cards differs from the fee for cards scanned by a reader.

Generating a Receipt Using the QuickBooks Card Reader

When you finish a transaction, you are provided receipt delivery choices.

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GoPayment Offers Three receipt Alternatives When you Complete the Sale:

Choose between an email or text receipt and provide your customer’s information to send.

Select Print receipt from your Android or iOS mobile and connect to a printer that is accessible.

If your consumer does not require a receipt, choose No receipt to close the app window.

Charging and Determining the Battery’s Charge Level

The provided USB-C to USB-cable is used to charge the reader. The reader may be completely charged in around two hours or less, depending on how much power is left in your battery.

As the battery recharges, the reader’s battery level indicator shows an animation of the battery filling up.

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While you link the reader to the GoPayment app, you may check the battery level in the app by tapping on the Battery Icon when establishing a new sale. When the reader is in idle mode, you may see the approximate battery level on the screen. Select the left or right arrow one or two times until the battery level indicator appears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Will Your Reader Be Able to Charge on Other Wireless Charging Pads?

Ans: On the upcoming Power Stand, the QuickBooks card reader may be remotely charged.

It is safe to use the reader with any Qi-certified wireless charging pad, however we cannot guarantee that the wireless charging will function with the reader’s unique characteristics.

Question 2: Why Isn’t Your Reader Working After he Fell in the Pool?

Ans: The reader is not watertight. Avoid putting liquids into the card insertion region in particular.

Question 3: How Can I Use the GoPayment App to Handle Various Types of Payments?


Step 1: Create a New QuickBooks Payments Account or Link an Existing One.

Sign up for QuickBooks Payments if you haven’t already.

If you already have a QuickBooks Payments account, you may link it to QuickBooks Online by following these steps. 

Step 2: Purchase and Install a Card Reader.

To order your Bluetooth card reader, follow these instructions. You get your first chip and magstripe card reader (QB21) for free.

Here’s how to set up your card reader after it arrives in the mail.

Step 3: Accept Payments While on the Go.

You are now ready to be paid. Follow the procedures that correspond to the type of sale and the GoPayment app that you have. 

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