Transport of Hazardous Waste: Know how it is done and its importance

November 8, 2021

The transport of hazardous waste is an essential service, thinking about it, we have prepared this article to explain the main topics related to this activity, check it out! First of all, it is important to highlight that the resolution of the Transport Agency came precisely to avoid damage to the environment, people and workers involved in the transport of hazardous waste.

 If the company that generates this type of waste does not have an adequate infrastructure, outsourcing is allowed. Check out more information on how, in fact, this type of procedure is carried out, the classification of waste that is considered hazardous, documentation and the obligations of waste generators.

 How is hazardous waste transported?

 In order to standardize the rules for the efficient transport of hazardous waste, the Ministry of Transport established decree 96044, which must be obeyed by both those who generate the waste and those who transport it. It is important that there is a very well-planned logistics so that there are no accidents.

 Classification of Waste considered hazardous

 The classification of waste must comply with Ordinance No. 204 of the Ministry of Transport, in accordance with the requirements prescribed for the appropriate class or subclass. In addition, it considers the respective risks and criteria, and should fit them into generic terms.

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 Examples of Hazardous Waste

 All those in the risk class are considered hazardous waste because they are capable of contaminating the environment, putting people’s health at risk, and so on. They need an appropriate place for proper disposal.

Currently, they are as follows:

● Flammable;

● Corrosive;

● Reactive;

● Toxic;

● Pathogenic.


They all need to be disposed of correctly.


If you have any questions about how to handle these issues, please talk to one of our experts. We have been in the environmental sustainability market for 14 years, developing best practices to preserve our environment.

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