Top Romantic Flowers to Show your Romantic Side

Falling in love is a great thing when the feeling is reciprocated. When you have found that special person in your life that fills butterflies in your stomach, you need to show them how much he or she means to you. If the feeling is mutual or you just want to pour your heart out as a secret admirer, you require special gifts to do so and not just words. No gift speaks the language of love better than flowers. Therefore, if you want to express your affection, care, and passionate love for that special person in your life, try sending Romantic flowers

Being spontaneous and unique in presenting your romantic floral gifts will impress your recipient. Although romantic flowers come in very many types, a few of them are unique and will impress your spouse or love partner more than others. Online flower deliveries offer the best, when it comes to sending romantic flowers to your recipient no matter where they are. They also give you an opportunity to choose and customize the type of flower you want in any occasion you are celebrating. To help you cut to the chase and make the best decision when ordering fresh romantic flowers online, here is a list of the best romantic flowers around.


Yes, we just had to start with the king of not just romantic flowers, but all the flowers around. Roses are the most romantic flowers in all the flower kingdom. There are many reasons why this is so. First, they are available in many vibrant colors including red, which stands for passionate love in flowers. You can also get them in various shades of pink, yellow, peach, white, and orange. To ignite your romantic feeling that is burning inside you, pink roses will do the trick. They represent tender or young love that is yet to take roots. Shades of pink roses makes it easier for you to express your love to your new found love. If you have been going out for a while now, the best rose hue is red or deep red as they convey passionate and perfect love.


Number two on our list of most romantic flowers are tulips. Just as they come second in this list, they are also regarded as the most romantic flowers after roses. Their vibrancy is displayed by the various colors they are available in. You will find them in red, purple, yellow, white, and orange. No matter which arrangement you want to choose while presenting them, tulips always stand out. You can send them as a bouquet, in a basket, or you can put them in a container or vase and they will still impress. They bring a sigh of relief after the cold winter season, since they bloom in spring. Sending pink or purple tulips shows that young love has just sprung out. Although you can only see these beautiful blooms for three to seven days as they bloom, you can always count on flower deliveries such as Cosmea Gardens to deliver fresh tulips flowers to you or your recipient no matter where you are. Since the pandemic has made it difficult for us to travel around and be with our loved ones, sending red tulips is the perfect way to tell them how much you miss them. 


Anyone setting their eyes on these light violet blooms will feel enticed. They are perfect romantic flowers that symbolize the first pangs of love. They are lovely hues when sent to that special person you wish to start a romantic relationship with. True love starts anywhere and since you can’t suppress this immense emotion, let lilac flowers help you to pour out what is boiling up inside you. You will never know what will transpire if you are not willing to express yourself. The stronger magenta hue that lilac flowers are available in are perfect romantic flowers for those who are already in a romantic relationship. Sending them as birthday flowers will impress your better half or partner. 


The exotic orchids are also regarded as romantic flowers. They are delicate flowers that will bloom again after the resting period if given proper attention and care. They are known to convey wealth, luxury, and prosperity, which make them perfect flowers to send in weddings. The best thing about orchids is that they also come in many different hues in almost every color of the rainbow. They also symbolize love, hope, and luck. Send these lovely blooms to your loved ones during his or her birthday and they will definitely impress. 


The pastel carnation flower will impress an introvert loved one on any special occasion. Sending white carnations helps you to deliver a message of pure love, while sending pink carnations shows admiration. They are regarded as official flowers for the month of January, making them perfect romantic birthday flowers. 


Love is best expressed and the best way to express your love is by sending romantic flowers. We have sampled just a few of them but you can also try other romantic blooms. Your partner or spouse will appreciate the romantic gesture no matter where she is. Always order flowers from reputable online flower deliveries like Cosmea Gardens for the best and fresh floral arrangements. 


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