Top reason s that are decisive to make a move towards seeing a neurologist

With the stress becoming the new normal for people you never know when a sudden need may arrive to see a neurologist. But who is a neurologist? A neurologist is the one who treats your concerns related to your nervous system that constitute your brain, spinal cord and nerves. These concerns are so big that they can make your life go upside-down. It can affect any part of your body depending upon what part of the nervous system got affected. If you come across some symptoms like uncontrolled headaches, loss of memory, numbness or regular pain in any part of the body that may be a sign to see a neurologist and it is your physician who after initial checkup may recommend you the same. 

Some common reasons to see a neurologist


Headache is a common issue that everyone experiences now and then but depending upon how much and what part it is affecting you should see a neurologist. If it is due to migraine then it may last from many hours to many days. People suffering from migraine may feel nauseous. They may catch headaches due to excessive heat, loud sound, strong smell or sometimes striking lights. If you want to have the right treatment then you should see a neurologist for sure, as you may find a permanent solution to get rid of the pain. 

Severe pain

If you experience severe pain for quite a long time coupled with weakness, numbness, issues with bladder or bowel then it is time to consult a neurologist as it can be a major issue in the later years. This can be the result of any illness or injury as well so the sooner the better it is. 


Seizures are another major cause to see a neurologist. If you have seizures then you may experience unconsciousness, jerking of arms and legs, breathing issues, confusion. It happens due to disturbance your brain comes across. In Some cases working on the cause that triggers it, can help in controlling them while on the other hand, if it is due to epilepsy then it may take a long time to get cured. 

Injury in the brain or spinal cord

In case you have an accident, fall off from bed or from height, have an injury while playing, then it is a must to see a neurologist. You don’t even wait for symptoms to appear. But if you still want to get sure of the symptoms then you may experience headaches, dizziness, loss of memory, unconsciousness, weakness, numbness, or seizures. All these show that you either have brain or spinal cord injury. 

Memory loss

In case you start experiencing memory loss, difficulty in remembering people, confusion, problems in speaking then you should not ignore them. These may be the symptoms of Alzheimer and can become a big issue in later years. With the passage of time problems may take a big shape so it is better to get treated as soon as possible. 

Numbness or tingling sensation


It is something that we all experience if we sit, stand or lie down in one posture for a long time as it cut off the circulation of blood or because you have not eaten for a long time. But if the problem persists, or you especially experience it in one part of the body then it can be a sign of stroke. It will be best if you see a doctor and get the right treatment on time. 

Problem in movement

In case you find difficulty in walking, feel dizzy while walking, feel clumsy, or experience tremors or jerks, in that case, you should see a neurologist. After a proper diagnosis he will be able to suggest you the right treatment. These can highly affect your day to day activities and make things go out of your hand if not taken seriously. 

Sleep issues

Some neurological disorders can have a severe effect on your sleep. You may find it difficult to fall asleep, suffering from sleep apnea, experiencing nightmares. These sleep issues should not be taken lightly. As it is believed that sleep issues can be the cause of other big problems. Most importantly it can also affect your daily life and daily chores. 

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