Top MCAT Test Prep Tips

Are you eager to take your first step into the field of medicine? Before you sit down and start poring over every little bit of information regarding the MCAT, it’s important to make sure you are prepared. Most don’t realize that just studying for the test isn’t going to cut it. To avoid a disappointing result on your exams and a lot of wasted time, take a look at these MCAT test prep tips.

Reserve Time to Study for Your MCAT Test

One of the reasons why students fail their exams is because they can’t focus. Their minds are preoccupied with other matters as they try to juggle studying for school, test prep, daily chores, work, and so much more. Set aside a time for test prep and let that be the priority. Turn off your phone and try to keep other distractions at bay. This will help you prioritize your studying.

Research, Research, Research

Medical schools have varying ranges for their MCAT score requirements. Having a target score in mind will help you make decisions about how often you should be studying and when you should consider taking the test. This can also prevent you from getting overwhelmed trying to get a perfect score or cramming at the last minute.

Plan Your Study Routine  

This ensures that you aren’t wasting your time so you don’t end up cramming at the last minute for the USMLE step 1 or MCAT test. Planning will also help you stay on track with your timelines and can give you an overall sense of progress.

Practice Questions and Flashcards

Standard MCAT exams often take around 7 hours. At times, they can go even longer depending on the kinds of topics they throw at you on the given day. Thinking that you can power through might not be the smartest thing to do. For a test as long and grueling as this, you will need to build your stamina. Practice and train the way an athlete would. Make sure you complete as many mock tests as possible while also running through several different versions of flashcards before your test.


Being the first to finish the exam shouldn’t be your priority. When it comes to the MCAT, slow and steady certainly wins the race. Try to get used to the concept by doing practice exams and completing each question as accurately as you can. Once you’ve gotten used to that, start timing yourself. A lack of focus can affect your performance.

Once you’re done with your MCAT test prep, you can rest easy knowing you have fully prepared yourself for this first important step. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But don’t get too cozy.

A number of hurdles await you once you pass your MCAT. One such hurdle is the USMLE step1. This can be a rather stressful exam to get through, and more often than not, it can determine how successful you are during the residency match process. Follow these tips and stay disciplined, and you will pass this obstacle with flying colors as well.

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