Top FAQs About Amazing Charts EMR You Need To Know

We have gathered the top FAQs regarding Amazing Charts to clear all your queries related to the software.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Amazing Charts EMR?

Amazing Charts EHR provides you with various features to streamline your medical, administrative, and organizational tasks. The key features include comprehensive charting, a voice recognition tool, e-prescribing, a patient portal, and customized templates.

What Are the Different Implementation Options?

The software is offered on-premises and in the cloud. You can use it in whatever way you want.

Is It Possible to Customise the Templates in Amazing Charts EMR?

Hundreds of different templates are available in the Amazing Charts EMR for your convenience, which you may view during the Amazing Charts demo. You can incorporate the templates into your documentation to efficiently organize patient information. The software helps you to choose the most practical template while also supporting you in optimizing your processes.

Is the Amazing Charts EMR Equipped With an e-Prescription Feature?

Yes, the Amazing Charts e-Prescription tool gives you more flexibility and efficiency while saving money. This application enables you to send prescriptions to your patients’ chosen pharmacies, resulting in better patient care and clinical outcomes. Any potential drug interactions are also flagged by the e-Prescription tool.

Is There a Patient Portal Included in the Software?

The patient portal is one of the essential features of any EMR software because it simplifies everything for you and your patients. Patients can utilize the patient portal provided by Amazing Charts EMR to schedule visits, track upcoming appointments, see instructional resources, and interact with you about their health status.

Is Amazing Charts EMR Pricing Worth It?

The Amazing Charts pricing is not publicly available. All we know is that the cost of Amazing Charts EMR depends upon the number of features you select for your healthcare setting. Essentially, as you acquire access to more tools, you can expect the price to climb high.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we strongly suggest you schedule an Amazing Charts EMR demo before buying the software, as seeing the system, in reality, will help you determine if it’s the appropriate fit for you and your practice. You can try out the Amazing Charts demo to see if you like the software for yourself. A Practice Management system also integrates with the EMR software. During the Amazing Charts practice management demo, you may examine its features as well.

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