Top EHR Software for 2021

What is an EHR?

An EHR software is basically much more than what it used to be a few years ago. While initially these software came out to help with maintaining patient records, soon they became all rounders which take care of a variety of functions for you. In this piece, we will be talking about various EHR software which have earned the title of being the best in the business. We will go over software from Cerner EHR Software to Athenahealth to help you decide which of these top EHR software would make for the right fit for you and your medical practice. Keep reading if you would like to know more! 

Top 5 EHR Software in the Market


The first software on our list for top EHR software is Athenahealth which is perhaps one of the most popular EHR options. This software has a lot of great reviews online where users have rated it to be a great option as far as EHR software goes. The top rated feature in this software might be that it is device agnostic meaning that it can work on any kind of operating system; android, iOS, microsoftware and beyond! This makes the software easily accessible and easy to use as a result! 


The second software on our list is eClinicalWorks which again is a very well known name. This software has several features which make it a great choice for you and your practice. This software has a great billing feature which keeps all your medical billing in check so you do not have to worry about making any mistakes which might delay the process of getting your bills reimbursed. This feature allows for you to have better cash flow at your practice and hence be able to take care of finances at your practice in a much better way. 



PrognoCIS is also another great option for an EHR software at your medical practice. The software is well reviewed by users on various websites and has been around for quite a while. The top feature in this software is the fact that it can adapt to a practice of any size; if you are a one person set up or perhaps a major practice with several partners; the software will easily scale to your needs so you do not have to worry about anything! 



EpicCare is the biggest EHR software in North America and there is a reason for it; it is a great option. This software has a great templates feature which allows you to browse through and explore several template options which you can choose from and then even further customize if that is what you feel the need to do! This feature allows you to have a template which is exactly suited to your practice and hence helps you get done with appointments much faster and more efficiently since taking down patient information is much easier. 

Cerner EHR

Cerner EHR is the last software on the list but not at all the least. Cerner EMR has several wonderful features which make it such a catch. The scheduling feature in this software for instance is what makes it so popular among users. This feature allows you to optimize your daily schedule with the help of Cerner EMR software. This feature lets you maximize your daily revenue as you are able to see more patients in a day because of it. All in all, this software is a wonderful option for anyone looking to maximize daily revenue and optimize their practice. In terms of how reasonable the Cerner EMR cost is, this software is a steal at how much money it will help you make ultimately! 

Which Software Should You Invest in?

Now if you are wondering which EHR software you should invest in, then we cannot make this decision for you but can help you come to your own conclusion. We recommend reading as many reviews for each of these software as possible to see what current users of the software think of it! 

We also recommend asking the vendor for a demo. For instance getting a demo for Cerner EHR will help you get an idea of its features beyond just reading about them. This will help you figure out whether the software is worth investing in for you. 

All in all, we are sure you will make the right decision for yourself in terms of what EHR you should use. 

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