Top 7 Purpose Of Financial Accounting- Seek Accounting Assignment Help

May 23, 2022


Financial accounting is the process of collecting, measuring, recording, and reporting an organization’s revenue, receivables, and expenses into a financial statement. This process accurately reflects business activity and assists businesses in meeting legal, fiscal, and statutory requirements. Students are required to complete financial assignments as part of their academic studies. Many students complete it on their own, and many struggle with their assignments. When such students seek financial accounting assignment help, they receive expert advice on how to recognize a company’s financial performance.

In this blog, we will take out the mystery of the purpose of financial accounting. Let’s go over the goals of financial accounting in depth.

1) Maintaining Records

When the bookkeeper enters transactions into the accounting record, the financial accounting process begins. When entering transactions into the accounting system, they must be supported by relevant and reliable evidence. As a result, all business transactions are supported by supporting evidence, and at the end of an accounting period, a complete set of financial records is created. This accounting record is helpful for multiple purposes, including internal and external audits.

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2) Calculation of profit/loss 

One of the primary functions of financial accounting is profit/loss calculation. To receive and pay economic benefits, the company must ensure that it has recorded all economic activity. As a result, at the end of the accounting period, all transactions related to revenue and expenses are summarized in the profit & loss statement to determine whether the business made a profit or incurred a loss.

3) Financial statement preparation

The primary goal of the financial accounting process is to prepare financial statements. Financial statements are created by summarizing data from the accounting system. As a result, preparing a financial statement is impossible without effective financial accounting operations.

It should be noted that the financial statement is the primary deliverable of the financial accounting function. As a result, if business operations such as bookkeeping, data entry, periodic adjustments, and closing are strong, the financial statements will be reliable.

4) Recognize the financing requirements.

Financial accounting aids in determining whether or not a company needs to raise capital. It is possible by analyzing the current financing structure and comparing available funds to project requirements.

If it is anticipated that the company will require additional funds, a decision can be made on time. On the other hand, if there are surplus funds, they can be invested wisely. Similarly, management must ensure an appropriate debt-equity balance based on the price difference and other managerial factors. 

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5)Meeting the Goals of Different Stakeholders

Another critical goal is to meet the needs of various stakeholders associated with the business. Different stakeholders have different goals, such as lenders to the business who want to assess the business’s ability to pay interest and principal on loans or prospective lenders who are more interested in the business’s solvency and focus on that aspect.

Customers, too, are interested in the company’s growth and stability, and they look more closely at cash flow statements and financial statements to determine the company’s ability that provide improved business terms.

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6) Financial analysis and reporting regularly

Financial information is presented from period to period, which means that one period’s financial performance can be compared to other periods to determine if things are on track. Similarly, industrial comparison can help determine whether or not a business is doing well.

In addition to comparison, ratio calculation can aid in analytical comprehension and the identification of specific areas for improvement. 

7)Relevance and dependability

An important goal is to prepare reliable financial statements on which decisions can be made. For this purpose, such accounting should represent a faithful representation of the business’s transactions and events, and their actual substance and economic reality perspective.

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