Top 7 Flowers to Send on International Women’s Day

Every 8th of March, the world honors women in their success in all aspects of life. The practice started over 100 years ago around America and Europe. It was wise to celebrate women after years of their efforts going unnoticed. 

As the years passed, it was necessary to have some International Women’s day flowers. They are a symbol of strength and agility. There are several ways people honor women’s day. Some donate to women-led groups; Others decide to buy items from businesses owned by women. Your support can be as simple as thanking your mother for her excellent parenting skills. 

Below are some of the flowers you can select to celebrate the strong women in your life. But you should note that this list should not restrict your choice. 

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flower is a common international Women’s day flower. It is a symbol of strength, sensitivity, and immunity. Well, you can find all these qualities in a woman. Science has proven that children get their initial immunities from their mothers- Who, of course, are women. 

If you check what women have to go through to ensure all societies have peace, you would believe they are strong. They can sacrifice their joy for the sake of all people around them. 

When you study the history of feminism, you would see how much effort women put into ensuring they get equal rights with men. It was a worthy fight that has made the world what it is today. It would be a harsh world if men drove all the growth matters. It was essential to embrace women’s input. The move hastened the growth of all aspects of life. If you believe strong women surround you, you can surprise them with Mimosa flowers in the coming international women’s day. 

Rose Flower

Roses are suitable for all occasions. But is there any reason they are a flower of concern on international women’s day? Just like a rose, women are beautiful and graceful. When you offer them a rose, it shows you admit her innocence and caring nature. Also, roses exist in a variety of beautiful colors. It shows that all women are unique in their characters. 

Purple Zinnias

International women’s day is dedicated to saluting strong women. We can’t ignore the fact that few women do not show their strength to their full potential. If you know that woman that has done their all to show their strength to the world, then you should offer them a bouquet of purple zinnia. The flower is a symbol of strong character. 

Crocus Flower

A purple crocus shows courage, serenity, faith, innocence, and youthfulness. It has a shape like a tulip and blooms during spring. Thus, the flower is available during women’s day celebrations. 

Pansy Violets

It took many years to fight for equality and space. Finally, women achieved the goal. Now they can air their thoughts freely. That is why you should show your support in this. The pansy violets are flowers that represent freedom. They are among the best selections for international Women’ day flowers. 

Gerbera Daisies

Another flower that is perfect as a women’s day gift is the pink and red gerbera daisies. But you can mix more than two colors on the bouquet. They are a symbol of generosity, love, and unselective love. Also, you can use the flowers to represent joy and eternal happiness. They are best shared among friends. 

Oriental Lilies

Beauty and fragrance are women’s nature. You can show this with a bouquet of beautiful and fragrant oriental lilies. The flower looks delicate, but it is firm, just like a woman. 

Final Word

The list above contains suitable international happy women’s day flowers. They offer beauty and fragrance. Also, they are a symbol of strength in all aspects. You can choose any of the flowers to honor the strong women in your life. 

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