Top 7 Fashion Tips for Men That you Must Know

Fashion Tips for Men – You tried all the looks but still didn’t get any attraction. You have tried different mens party wear that doesn’t work, tried formal wear that also doesn’t work. Then where you are making the real mistake. The mistake is you still haven’t defined yourself. Yes!! You think you know yourself but you are wrong. That’s the reason why you still don’t know how to dress well, men. 

Building a body at the gym isn’t the only way to get suited to any wear? Not!! But we need to maintain our physique to maintain our dressing style. Style tips for men that we are going to discuss will clarify most of the styling questions. But some of the basic tips that you can follow such as reading fashion magazines, noticing celebrities’ dressing sense according to the occasions. 

Top 7 Fashion Tips for Men That you Must Know 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.1: A Perfect Fitting Suit  

We avoid many basic things before buying a suit or dress, such as too long or high waist pants, too short or long sleeve shirt, an unfit and unmatched belt and more. So be extra careful before buying any dress for you. Check the shirt isn’t too long or too short, pants must fit your waist and must be proper from the ankle, and you don’t have to wear double socks to fit your shoes. 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.2: A Perfect Color Combination 

One of the most important style tips for men that most of us take lightly. Mistakes we make while making color combinations such as choosing opposite colors to our skin tone, unmatchable shoes with trousers or pants, and more. 

We all had heard that darker skin people should wear light suits and Fair people must wear dark suits, but this theory is completely wrong. Fashion experts say the opposite, but medium skin tone people of color can play with different combinations. It’s a bit difficult to choose a perfect color combination, but you don’t need to worry anymore if you have Google. 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.3: A Perfect Watch 

Watch gives a royal touch to your appearance. Any suit or wear is incomplete without a perfect watch. Prefer quality over quantity before choosing any watch you are going to buy. Remember, a sports watch isn’t made for formal parties. If you don’t have a watch that suits your particular style, leave your sports watch at home. 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.4: A Perfect Pair of Shoes

Always remember your running shoes are not to be worn anywhere. And this is also the most important men’s fashion tip that you need to follow. Not only black and white but also you can play with different colors of shoes. Try to match your pair of shoes with your dress type. Please don’t ask the shopkeeper because he is ready to sell it to you. Better is to have some research before buying any type or color of shoes.

Men’s Fashion Tip No.5: A Perfect Quality  

Not only watches but also every cloth or shoes you buy always prefer quality over quantity. Because it’s unnecessary to have a huge collection to dress well, you can buy less but qualitative instead of filling your wardrobe with lots of clothes. 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.6: A Perfect Dinner Suit 

Nowadays, parties are the synonym of night, and rarely get a morning or noon party invitation. So better is to buy a perfect dinner suit to dress well. Unfortunately, many people rent the dinner suit, and when they enter the party, they think they are looking like a celebrity. But their suits look older than they are due to the repeated use of that dinner suit. So don’t make a mistake and better save some money and buy a new one. 

Men’s Fashion Tip No.7: A Perfect Wash

Keep your clothes neat and clean. Wash and iron them regularly. Remember, not all suits are made for home wash. Better is to find someone to dry clean. When you are at dinner, be extra careful of food drops on your clothes. Not only you but also others because sorry can’t back the moment. 


We hope you have loved this list of fashion tips for men and found many mistakes. Some other basic men styling ideas are to keep a handkerchief, keep your underwear simple, iron your clothes, polish your shoes, keep your clothes neat and clean. Last and final, never over your dressing style keep it simple.

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