Top 5 yoga poses to prevent erectile dysfunction

February 21, 2022
yoga for erectile dysfunction

Don’t feel embarrassed if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is a common sexual disorder which prevents males from attaining or sustaining an erection during the love making act. There are several yoga techniques which boost testosterone levels and assist the easy flow of blood to the male genitalia and enables men to stay hard during the entire love making session.

Some of the popular Yoga Poses to prevent ED include:

1. Paschimottanasana

Also known as the seated forward bend, it improves the perennial muscles for a hard erection. Further, it also delays the process of ejaculation and enables men to last long in bed.


Point your feet towards the ceiling and stretch your arms in upward direction.  Slowly bend towards the toes and keep your spine straight. Try to hold the toe of the finger with your thumb and index finger.Bend backward so that your forehand touches the knees and stay in this position for atleast 10 seconds.Slowly get back to your original sitting position.

2. Kumbhakasana

Also known as a plank pose, it boosts stamina and penile strength and assists males to enjoy pleasurable intercourse.


Lie flat on your stomach and keep your side by the side of your face.  Without touching the ground, bend your feet. Use your hands to push your body and raise the lower half of your body. Make sure that the legs stay parallel to the floor. Just stay in this position and slowly get back to your normal position.

3. Uttanapadasana

Popularly known as raised legs pose, it engages the glutes and quads, offers an intense workout and enables men to stay hard and strong for a longer duration. This asana stretches hip flexor muscles and other muscles located on the lumbar region of veretebral column and beats ED.


Lay on your back, keep your hands on the side and place the heals together. Then slowly lift up your legs to make a 360 degree angle and follow it up by lifting your head off the ground. Just lie in this position for some time.  Get your legs on the floor, inhale and raise your legs to make a 60 degree angle, stay in that position for some seconds and lower down your legs back to the floor.

4. Naukasana

Popularly known as the boat pose, it stimulates the sex hormones and assists in the free flow of energy. Besides strengthening the pelvic muscles, it also offers strength to thigh muscles, hips and buttocks and enables men to stay hard and erect for a longer time in the bed.


 Lie flat and keep your arms, body and feet together. Lift your chest off the floor and lift your feet off at the ground simultaneously. Keeps your arms straight and hold on for 5-10 breaths. After exhaling, you can get back to your normal position.

5. Dhanurasana

This bowpose stimulates the reproductive organs, offers hard erection, delays premature ejaculation and prepares the ground for enjoying multiple orgasmic sessions.


Just lie flat on your stomach keeping your feet hip-width apart.Place both your arms by your sides.When you exhale, just fold your knees and hold your ankles. While inhaling, lift up your chest off the ground. Just pull your legs back and look straight ahead.Stay in this pose for the next 15-20 seconds.Gently release your ankles to get back to normal position.

A good Yoga mat is essential for doing these exercises. If you feel uncomfortable in performing any pose, then it is advisable to avoid it.

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