Top 5 features of Clinicient Insight EMR and Medical Billing Software

Insight is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and medical billing system offered by Clinicient. Clinicient Insight EMR system was the brainchild of a stressed-out therapist, tired of storing information on paper and unable to find an EMR system specifically catered to his needs and requirements. This system aims to increase clinical and financial efficiencies and is targeted towards healthcare providers of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and pediatric rehabilitation. 

Hence, this system has been curated to diminish the chances of switching between multiple medical software since it brings the benefits of an EMR and billing system together in one. Keep on reading to know Insight EMR’s top features. 

Best features offered by Clinicient Insight EMR 

Quicker and smoother documentation 

Through Insight, practitioners are able to document notes 30% faster. InsightGO is offered to users of the system that makes charting easier, automates workflows, and offers comprehensive tools. The documentation software offered is customizable to the requirements and preferences of the medical facility that utilizes it. Users can customize content library, treatment, and measurement protocols as well as clinical reports. Insight believes that medical professionals should spend more time interacting with patients than being stuck behind a screen trying to understand how an EMR system works. Hence, Clinicient Insight EMR allows users to use the system from whichever device they find convenient. Users can document notes on their computers, tablets, mobile phones – you name it! The only thing required is an internet connection. 

Automated administrative processes 

Many therapists and other medical professionals do not switch to an EMR system because they become overwhelmed with the difficult processes that they would now have to learn. Insight understood this concern and launched software that is easy to learn and easy to use. With this system, there is no duplication of patient information. A single patient record is created for scheduling appointments, documenting notes, and processing bills. These records are updated in real-time and can be accessed with a few clicks. To make processes efficient, alerts and notifications are given to users for urgent items and missing patient information.  

Advanced analytical and reporting tools 

For you to get a holistic overview of your financial and clinical performance, Clinicient offers advanced analytics and reporting tools for your disposal. Through these features, one can identify potential problems as the system highlights critical issues that need immediate attention and rectification. Moreover, the system allows its users to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against which it tracks the facility’s performance. Predictive analysis uses historical patterns to discover trends used for making future decisions. These analytical tools provide the administration with all the rights and wrongs that are being done so that timely corrections can be made and processes can be enhanced. 

Efficient billing features 

With Clinicient Insight EMR, you do not need to switch between multiple medical software as it integrates an EMR system with billing software. A single patient record is created and invoices and claims are always matched with documentation. The system automates nearly two-thirds of the labor-intensive tasks associated with billing. Invoices are generated after each consultation to be provided to patients for payments. Not only does this lower the possibility of inaccurate information but also allows practitioners to spend more time providing therapy to the people that need it. 

Better cash flows 

No medical facility can operate to its maximum potential if its financials are not up to the mark. Insight ensures better cash flows as it offers automated claims processing, denial management, and analytical tools. The system automates each step of the claim management process, from initiating the claim to conducting the eligibility check and to final payment. Future denials are prevented as the software provides you with a denial analysis that highlights where a user is lacking. Timely alerts are given of missing information as well as claims that are on the verge of becoming denied. Not only does the system manage the complete claim management process but also carries out a follow-up with patients to ensure you get paid on time. 

Should you invest in Insight EMR? 

Clinicient Insight EMR is an efficient medical software designed specifically for the needs of outpatient rehab. The system increases the clinical and financial performance of any facility as it makes documentation easier, automates administrative processes, offers advanced analytical tools, provides efficient billing, and creates better cash flows. So is Insight worth an investment? It sure is but make sure that before you make a decision, deliberate whether the system is consistent with your requirements and preferences.

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