Top 5 Destinations In Canada For Study

It is the dream of every young individual to attain a higher education degree from a reputed international university. Now, there are so many such institutions around the world that offer the best education. By studying in these schools, the students don’t just materialize their dream of acquiring an international degree, but also get one step closer to being successful in life altogether. Canada is one of the best destinations in the world for international education. The schools there don’t just offer the best education also known as best consultancy for canada but also help the students become industry-ready. These are the top 5 destinations in Canada for study.

York University

York University is probably one of the best universities in Canada. Situated in Toronto Ontario, it is the third-largest university of Canada. It was established in 1959, and it comprises 11 faculties which include school of arts, faculty of science, faculty of health, faculty of education, and so on.

University Of British Columbia

If you’re looking to get a PhD in Canada, University of British Columbia can prove to be an amazing choice. It was established in 1908. And it has campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna. It is the oldest university in the country, and it ranks in the top three positions. The university boasts of its highly decorated alumni which includes nobel laureates and olympians.

University Of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is a great alternative for Masters in Canada. It is situated in Waterloo, and it runs three satellite campuses and four affiliated colleges. Established in 1959, the university offers courses in 6 faculties. The university doesn’t just offer excellent courses, it is also known to be generous with scholarships for deserving students.

University of Calgary

University of Canada offers you great education and also prepares you for work in Canada, and other parts of the world. Established in 1944, the university is situated in Calgary, Alberta. With 14 faculties and 85 research centers, it is able to cater the needs of students from all academic backgrounds. The university is one of Canada’s top research institutes.

University of Manitoba

If you’re looking to explore jobs in Canada, and before that, acquire a highly recognized degree, you should definitely go for University of Manitoba. Situated in the Manitoba province, the university was established in 1877. It boasts of hundreds of programs, and it offers them in three centers – the Bannatyne Campus, the James W. Burns Executive Education Centre, and the William Norrie Centre.

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