Top 2 Forklifts for Rough Terrain and Heavy-Duty Fieldwork


Forklifts today have made it easy to lift and move materials across any given distance in construction & commercial setup. Many competent models are available in the market, which makes the selection a tough process.


This is why we bring you two best-in-class forklifts from ace brands like Toyota & Godrej that are worth buying.


Top 2 Forklifts from Toyota & Godrej

  • Toyota 30-8FGJ35

Toyota 30-8FGJ35

Toyota 30-8FGJ35 is one of the popular rough terrain forklifts suitable for the construction industry. This forklift has a lifting capacity of 3500 Kg, suitable for moving around heavy cargo. With a turning radius of 2490 mm, this vehicle can operate even in compact spaces. This model is highly suitable for lifting heavy loads of any nature. Moreover, the length to the face of the forks is 2865 mm, which helps accommodate more cargo load. 


  • GODREJ GA 2000

GODREJ GA 2000 is a widely popular heavy duty forklift, suitable for use in construction and commercial facilities. The price of this forklift is between Rs.24 to 26 Lakh in India. Its 5000-meter height allows the vehicle to lift and carry the load without obstructing the pathways. 


This is an absolute choice for lifting and moving large or small objects on pallets, crates, boxes, or other containers.

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