Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Bones Healthy And Strong

Normally when a person keeps aging their bones start to weaken because with age our body capability reduces. But now some people have weaker bones even when they are young and healthy. Taking care of your bones is very essential or it can cause serious damage to your body. Weaker bones are prone to fracture and your body becomes rigid. There are ways by which one can keep their bones strong and healthy. Use this link for Healthcare staffing agencies who provide healthcare professionals and physicians for various medical facilities. These agencies bring in quality orthopedic professionals to the healthcare units and you can get the services and advice of these units to keep your bone health up to the point.

Most people nowadays complain about back pain because of a weak spine and sitting for too long in the same posture. Sitting for too long can weaken your spine and even change your posture. If you have weak bones you should follow these 10 quick tips to keep your bones strong and healthy.  

Eat Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is the best thing one can do to keep their bones healthy and strong. A diet that is rich in protein and calcium is good for bones. An unhealthy diet can cause the various problem to our body and even weaken our muscles and bones. Eat fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and Calcium as it will help your bones to stay strong. Most people complain about knee pain or back pain because they have a lack of a healthy diet in the body.  

Go for a Jog or Walk

Jogging or walking every day or even for 4 days per week could help you a lot. If you simply walk or jog for 15-20 mins every day then your bones will get strong. As jogging helps to keep all our body muscles and bones strong. The intensity of your walking and jogging speed depends on you. It stretches our muscles and bones and keeps them strong enough. Try to walk or jog for at least 15mins a day.

Expose Yourself to Sun

As we all know sunlight contains vitamin D that is good for our body. Daily spending at least 10-15 mins under the sun will help you get vitamin D. It will help your body and bones to stay strong. Sunlight has many other important resources that are required for our body. People who are living in winter places with no or minimum sunlight are more prone to bone weakening as they don’t get their daily dose of sunlight that is required for their body. Sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D that helps to keep our bones strong and decrease the risk of fracture.  

Eat Calcium-Rich Food

You must have read in your school that a glass of milk will help your bones stay strong. That is true as milk and milk products contain calcium that helps to make our bones strong. Bone cells keep breaking down and form new cells, calcium helps those bone cells to protect the structure and strength of the bones. A normal person should take at least 1000 mg of calcium per day depending on age. You can also take calcium supplements if you don’t get enough calcium from your food but calcium-rich food is the best choice for our body to keep our bones strong.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

As underweight increases, the risk of osteoporosis and reduces bone density. Bone density will lead to the weakening of your bones and will increase the risk of fracture. If a person is overweight the chances of bone fracture increase as excess weight will stress your bones. That’s why maintaining an average weight is essential for the body as a healthy weight will keep our bones strong and flexible.  

Good Sleep

Good sleep is absolutely important for our body, mind, and bones. Good sleep will rest our body and will help our bones to stay strong and healthy. Remember to keep a good posture while sleeping. Sleeping abnormally can increase the chances of bone weakening as our body is resting posting while we sleep and any kind of abnormal movement can affect our bones and muscles. A good sleep relaxes out bone muscles to keep them healthy and strong.

Don’t Sit For long

Most people have a habit of sitting for too long on their chair or bed while working or studying or playing video games. Sitting for too long weakens our spine and also increases the risk of improper posture. Never sit at the same place with the same posture for more than 30 mins. Stand up and walk or take a glass of water. This will help your bones to stay strong and healthy. Most people complain about back pain because of this. Young people always complain about back pain because sitting for too long affects our spine.  

Do Weight Exercises

Exercise is itself good for our bone and bones. Doing weight exercises is very helpful for our bones as it helps to keep our bones strong. It will help to improve bone mass and will increase muscles that will help to make our bones strong. Studies show that people who perform weight training have strong bones than those who don’t. Weight exercises increase bone density and keep it safe and healthy. This will improve bone health, good bone health is quite beneficial during old age. Perform weight exercises at least 2-3 times per week to increase your bone strength.  

Avoid Alcohol

Intake of alcohol can decrease the ability to absorb calcium in our body. People who take excess alcohol have weak bones as their ability to absorb calcium decreases. Also, the ability to increase bone density will decrease resulting in unhealthy bones and weakening. That’s why people should avoid intake of alcohol as it is bad for health and bones. If you want strong bones you should quit alcohol or at least decrease the intake of alcohol you take per day. Heavy drinkers are prone to bone fracture and joint pain.  

Stretch Your Muscles and Bones

Stretching your muscles and bones will increase the flexibility of your body and also increase your bone strength. Do some regular stretching that targets different bones and muscles of your body. Try at least 20-30 mins of daily stretching that will improve your bone health and flexibility. Stretching helps to target different muscles and bones that are rigid or we hardly use those muscles for a long time. Stretching will release those muscles and will improve flexibility in your body to keep your bones strong and healthy.

If you want to keep your bones healthy and strong you need to follow all the tips mentioned above. Bones weakening can cause serious body problems that even doctors can’t help. If you want good posture and want to be healthy, you need to keep your bones strong. Regular exercise is also required for our bones and muscles to keep them strong and avoid any fracture. Once a bone gets fracture it loses most of its strength and takes a long time to recover. If you want to stay strong even during your old age start following all the tips to make your bones strong and healthy.

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