Top 10 Plugins for WordPress SEO

October 4, 2021

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a vital content writing skill. 72% of worldwide businesses say that good SEO practices prove to be a substantial factor while curating a piece of content.

Using the right keywords will prove beneficial to pop up on Google’s top 10 searches. Another improvement is that rather than using a single keyword, a group of keywords can improve your SEO.

Search engine optimization is changing every day, and it is necessary to keep track of these changes and adapt and improve your skills as a content writer as it moves forward. comes with excellent SEO out of the box, so you won’t have to do anything else. WordPress handles most of the SEO services delhi Mechanics for its user.

Using a slew of tags and categories that have nothing to do with your posts isn’t going to help your site stand out. Google doesn’t use tags or categories; it can figure out what your post is about just by looking at it. Here are some of the top plugins used for WordPress SEO:

  1. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework plugin is perfect for those looking for a quick, lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress that is free of advertisements and upsells. It removes some of the extraneous features you probably don’t need and concentrates on assisting individuals who are more concerned with maintaining high site speeds while spending less time reading complex SEO papers. It’s frequently regarded as the best Yoast replacement because of the visual style of the SEO evaluations and more versatile keyword targeting choices.

  1. Yoast SEO

Known as the most popular plugin, Yoast continues to astonish the WordPress world with great improvements, a gorgeous interface, and the most user-friendly option for making your blog posts and product pages stand out, with over 16,700 5-star reviews at the time of this article. Yoast SEO also has its website, including content writing services Delhi premium support options, a bustling community in the forum section, an instructive blog for learning more about SEO, and SEO courses for beginners, intermediates, and experienced users.

  1. Rank Math

For your WordPress website, Rank Math SEO is the Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools. Everything needed to control your SEO, is available here. Rank Math combines the capabilities of numerous SEO plugins you could be utilizing on your WordPress website into a single, lightweight, easy-to-manage plugin. Using Rank Math, you can control the on-page SEO of your posts, pages, products, and other taxonomies. 

  1. Broken Link Checker

SEO isn’t just about stuffing a bunch of keywords into your sites and posts. It’s not only about making your content readable either. One approach to get ahead of the competition is to look over your website and fix any broken links. When Google encounters a broken link (i.e., one that leads to a 404 page), it considers it a poor user experience. 

  1. SEO Press

SEO Press is a non-ad-supported freemium All In One SEO plugin for WordPress. Even in the free version, it’s fully white labeled with no footprints. It’s simple, quick, and powerful, allowing you to manage all of your post/page/post type/term titles and meta descriptions.

  1. WordLift

To improve audience engagement and increase organic traffic to a website, WordLift analyses articles and converts language into content easily understood by the computer. Content recommendations are also possible with this plugin.

  1. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

The All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets markup plugin is designed for basic website owners who want to add necessary markups to their pages. Schema Pro is for individuals with many pages on their website and installs complex schema types more quickly, automatically, and accurately.

  1. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

The plugin adds the rel=”nofollow” attributes to post external links after a post is saved. The plugin also has an option to exclude a certain post from the plugin’s actions. Links with a rel property are ignored, allowing you to establish certain do follows as well.

  1. Seo Optimized Images

Obtaining high quality media to increase the look of your page is known as SEO Optimized Images.. It also entails identifying images correctly so that search engine crawlers can read them and comprehend the page’s context.

  1.  Redirection

One of the most common tools, redirection allows you to handle 301 redirection, track 404 problems, and clean up any loose ends on your website. This can aid in the reduction of errors and the enhancement of your site’s rating.



Optimizing your online presence is no longer merely a “good to have.” It’s a requirement. With millions of active people communicating across the Internet simultaneously, it’s impossible to avoid becoming lost in the shuffle unless you take steps to stay relevant. And that’s where SEO can flourish. When a user types in a specific term, SEO refers to your actions to guarantee that your site or page appears first. The advantages of doing so are enormous. You’ll see a big increase in engagement, as well as more leads, sales, and a better bottom line.

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